Beasts : British Library, Royal MS 2 B VII

Beasts mentioned in this manuscript. The symbol indicates that the beast is illustrated at least once in the manuscript. Beasts that have not been identified are shown in italics with the category (if known) in [brackets]. The lists may be incomplete.

This manuscript has two parts. Each part has its own lists.

Part 1: Bestiary Scenes [Folio 85v-130r]

Beast Name Order

Name Folio       
Ant 95v, 96r
Antelope 87v, 88r
Ape 106v, 107r, 107v, 108r
Asp 125v, 126r
Bat 91v, 92r
Beaver 101v, 102r
Caladrius 89v, 90r
Coot 109v, 110r
Crane 123v, 124r
Crocodile 102v
Crow 129v, 130r
Dove 117v, 118r
Dragon 118v
Eagle 92v, 93r
Elephant 100v, 118v, 119r
Fox 99v, 100r
Goat 104v, 105r
Hedgehog 97v, 98r
Hoopoe 94v, 95r
Hydrus 104r
Hyena 103r, 103v
Ibis 98v, 99r
Lion 85v, 86r, 86v, 87r
Mandrake 119v, 120r
Onager 105v, 106r
Ostrich 113v, 114r
Owl 128v, 129r
Panther 108v, 109r
Partridge 111v, 112r
Peacock 124v, 125r
Pelican 90v, 91r
Phoenix 93v, 94r
Salamander 116v, 117r
Sawfish 88v, 89r
Siren 96v, 97r
Snake 127v, 128r
Stag 115v, 116r
Tiger 122v, 123r
Turtledove 114v, 115r
Unicorn 100v, 101r
Viper 126v, 127r
Weasel 112v, 113r
Whale 110v, 111r
Wolf 120v, 121r, 121v, 122r

Manuscript Appearance Order

Name Folio       
Lion 85v
Lion 86r
Lion 86v
Lion 87r
Antelope 87v
Antelope 88r
Sawfish 88v
Sawfish 89r
Caladrius 89v
Caladrius 90r
Pelican 90v
Pelican 91r
Bat 91v
Bat 92r
Eagle 92v
Eagle 93r
Phoenix 93v
Phoenix 94r
Hoopoe 94v
Hoopoe 95r
Ant 95v
Ant 96r
Siren 96v
Siren 97r
Hedgehog 97v
Hedgehog 98r
Ibis 98v
Ibis 99r
Fox 99v
Fox 100r
Unicorn 100v
Elephant 100v
Unicorn 101r
Beaver 101v
Beaver 102r
Crocodile 102v
Hyena 103r
Hyena 103v
Hydrus 104r
Goat 104v
Goat 105r
Onager 105v
Onager 106r
Ape 106v
Ape 107r
Ape 107v
Ape 108r
Panther 108v
Panther 109r
Coot 109v
Coot 110r
Whale 110v
Whale 111r
Partridge 111v
Partridge 112r
Weasel 112v
Weasel 113r
Ostrich 113v
Ostrich 114r
Turtledove 114v
Turtledove 115r
Stag 115v
Stag 116r
Salamander 116v
Salamander 117r
Dove 117v
Dove 118r
Elephant 118v
Dragon 118v
Elephant 119r
Mandrake 119v
Mandrake 120r
Wolf 120v
Wolf 121r
Wolf 121v
Wolf 122r
Tiger 122v
Tiger 123r
Crane 123v
Crane 124r
Peacock 124v
Peacock 125r
Asp 125v
Asp 126r
Viper 126v
Viper 127r
Snake 127v
Snake 128r
Owl 128v
Owl 129r
Crow 129v
Crow 130r

Part 2: Non-bestiary Animal Scenes [Folio 130v-196r]

Beast Name Order

Name Folio       
Amphisbaena 138v
Ape 159v
Bear 130v, 131r
Boar (Wild) 145r
Cock 142v
Dragon 136v, 140r
Fish 143r
Griffin 140r, 145v
Horse 130v
Lion 145v, 148v, 164v, 190v
Mermaid 191r
Rabbit 155v, 156r
Ram 141v, 142r
Stag 142r
Unicorn 190v

Manuscript Appearance Order

Name Folio       
Bear 130v
Horse 130v
Bear 131r
Dragon 136v
Amphisbaena 138v
Griffin 140r
Dragon 140r
Ram 141v
Ram 142r
Stag 142r
Cock 142v
Fish 143r
Boar (Wild) 145r
Lion 145v
Griffin 145v
Lion 148v
Rabbit 155v
Rabbit 156r
Ape 159v
Lion 164v
Lion 190v
Unicorn 190v
Mermaid 191r