Latin name: Perdix
Other names: PerdiƧ, Perdicibus, Perdrice, Perdrix, Perdriz, Pertris, Petris, Pierteire, Rebhuhn
Category: Bird

A deceitful bird that steals other birds' eggs

General Attributes

The partridge steals the eggs of other birds and hatches them, but she gains nothing from this, for as soon as the young birds hear the voice of their true mother they fly to her. Male partridges occasionally have intercourse with each other. Frequent intercourse tires them. Female partridges are so lustful that wind blowing from a male can impregnate them. To hide itself from harm, the partridge lies on its back and covers itself with clods of earth. The birds camouflage their nests with thorns and cover the eggs with dust, but if anyone comes near the nest the partridge lures them away by feigning a broken foot or wing. If the young are exposed to danger, they lie on their backs and hold clods of earth above them in their claws, and thus disguise themselves. The females sometimes carry their chicks because the males will attack them, particularly if the chicks pester the males.


The partridge stealing eggs is like the devil, who steals souls from their creator. But when sinners recognize God as their true parent, they return to him.

Uses Magical, Medical, Alchemical and Culinary

The gall of the partridge, mixed with an equal weight of honey, clears the sight. The eyes of the partridge boiled with honey in a brass vessel helps to heal pimples on the eye.