Introduction to the Bibliography

The items in the bibliography have been gathered from a variety of sources. The following symbols are used in each bibliography entry to indicate the confidence in its accuracy:

The item has been seen by the bibliographer, and the citation details and notes have been confirmed. This is the highest level of reliability.
The item has not been seen by the bibliographer, but the source of the citation is considered to be reliable, and therefore the entry is probably accurate.
The item has not been seen by the bibliographer; the accuracy and completeness of the citation is uncertain. These entries should be used with caution.

This bibliography is not complete; it is a work in progress and is expected to grow over time. Corrections, comments and additions can be sent to the Webmaster for review. Brief reviews of items in the bibliography or of new items are also welcome.

Bibliography Indexes

The bibliography is available in several formats; click one of the tabs above to see the lists. There is usually more information available for that item; click the item title to see this information in a popup window. The alphabet bands allow you to jump to the first item sorted under the letter you click.

Some of the bibliography list pages are very large files and may take some time to load completely.

You can view the bibliography index by...

Author: Sorted by primary author, with links to details and annotations.

Subject: Grouped into a subject index, with links to details and annotations.

Annotated: Sorted by primary author, with all annotations from the detail pages included.

Topic-specific Bibliographies

Each item in the Beast, Manuscript and Encyclopedia sections has its own bibliography page, with books and articles specifically relevant to the beast, manuscript or encyclopedia entry being viewed. The bibliographies are ordered by author and title.