Latin name: Hyaena
Other names: Hiema, Hiena, Hienne, Hierne, Hyene, Iena, Luvecerviere, Yelue, Yema, Yena, Yenne, Yeule, Zibo, Zybo
Category: Beast

A beast that eats human corpses and changes sex

General Attributes

According to the law, hyenas must not be eaten because they are dirty. Hyenas can change their sex; sometimes they are male, other times female. They live near tombs and eat the dead bodies they find there. There is a stone in the hyena's eye (some say in the stomach of its young) that will give a person the ability to predict the future if the stone is placed under the person's tongue. Hyenas will circle a house at night, calling out words with the voice of a man; anyone who is deceived and goes out to investigate is eaten. A dog that crosses a hyena's shadow will lose its voice. The hyena's spine is rigid, so to turn it must move its entire body. The result of a mating between a hyena and a lioness is the beast called leucrota.


The hyena represents untrustworthy, two-faced people. Or it represents humanity, who first worshipped God and then worshipped idols. It can also signify a greedy and lustful man.