Latin name: Salamandra
Other names: Salemandre, Silion, Stellio, Sylio
Category: Serpent

Salamanders are so cold they can extinguish any fire

General Attributes

The salamander is a cold animal. It can live unharmed in a fire, and its coldness will extinguish the hottest flames. If it enters hot water, the water will become cold.

From the salamander comes a material that is unlike any other cloth; when it becomes dirty, it must be thrown into a fire, which will consume the dirt without harming the cloth. This cloth is made in the deserts of India, and is worn by important people. This is a good description of asbestos, which some sources link with the salamander.

The salamander's poison is very strong, and can kill many at once. If it climbs an apple tree, the apples become poisonous; if it enters a well, the water becomes deadly.


The salamander represents righteous people, who can withstand fire, just as Daniel could emerge unharmed from the fiery furnace.