Latin name: Caper
Other names: Bouc, Bouquetin, Buc, Capra, Caprea, Capreola, Chevre, Chievre, Dorcas, Dorcon, Haedus, Kid, Roe
Category: Beast

An animal that likes to live on high mountains

General Attributes

Goats like to live on high mountains, but also like pastures in valleys. They can see over great distances whether approaching men are harmless travellers or hunters. The caprea is the wild goat. The blood of a goat can dissolve diamond.


The goat's love of high mountains represents Christ, who also loves high mountains, that is, the prophets, angels and patriarchs. As the goat feeds in the valleys, so does Christ in the church, where good works are his food. The sharp eyesight of the goat shows the omniscience of God and his perception of the tricks of the devil.