Latin name: Herinacius
Other names: Echinus, Enatio, Eracio, Ericio, Ericius, Eriçon, Erinacius, Erinatius, Heriçon, Hericus, Herinatuus, Herison, Hermatius, Hirichons, Hyrchon, Hyreçon, Yrici, Yricuis
Category: Beast

A beast that carries away grapes on its sharp quills

General Attributes

The hedgehog has the appearance of a young pig, but is entirely covered with sharp spines or quills, which protect it from danger. When it is time for the harvest, the hedgehog goes into a vineyard, and climbing up a vine, shakes the grapes off onto the ground. It then rolls around on the fallen grapes to spear them with its quills, so it can carry the fruit home to feed its young. (Some say that the fruit the hedgehog carries away is the apple or fig.) When the hedgehog notices the approach of a man, it rolls itself into a ball so its spines protect it, and creaks like a cart to fool the man. Hedgehogs can detect the direction the wind is blowing from; when the wind comes from the north, the hedgehog closes the north hole of its lair.

The name echinus is also used for the sea urchin, a fish said to resemble the hedgehog in having spines.

Uses Magical, Medical, Alchemical and Culinary

The burnt ashes of the hedgehog, mixed with pitch, restore the hairs of a scar. A cooked hedgehog can be used to make medicine.