Latin name: Aristosus
Other names: Venth, Ventig
Category: Fish

A fish that has so many many bones that it is difficult to eat

General Attributes

The bitterling is found in some medieval encyclopedias. It is a fish that is so full of bones that it is difficult to eat, and the taste is so unpalatable that it is only used as food by the poor. The fish is caught in nets: an arch containing a small bell is floated in from of the net, and the fish follow the tinkling sound into the net.


By this fish are signified those who, although they do not want to mingle with the dances of madmen and choristers, either because they are old, or because they do not know how, or because they are ashamed, yet willingly listen to obscene and indecent things, and where the ringing is of the devil, who takes the form of choristers, they gather more willingly. [Thomas of Cantimpré]