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Name Latin Type
Agate Achates Stone Can be used to find pearls
Alerion Alerion Bird A bird the color of fire, with razor-sharp wings
Allec Allec Fish A fish used to make pickled fish sauce
Amphisbaena Amphisbaena Serpent A serpent with two heads, one at either end
Ant Formica Insect Ants harvest grain to store for the winter
Ant-lion Myrmecoleon Beast The offspring of an ant and a lion
Antelope Antalops Beast An animal so wild no hunter can approach it
Ape Simia Beast Called "simia" because it is similar to humans
Aphorus Aphorus Fish A small fish that cannot be caught on a hook
Asp Aspis Serpent Blocks its ear with its tail so as not to hear the charmer
Ass Asinus Beast An animal that is slow and resists commands
Australis Australis Fish A fish that appears when the Pleiades decline
Badger Taxus Beast A dirty beast that bites
Barbulus Barbulus Fish A fish with a beard
Barnacle Goose Bernace Bird A bird that initially grows from trees
Basilisk Regulus Serpent Its odor, voice and even look can kill
Bat Vespertilio Bird A bird that gives birth to living young
Bear Ursus Beast The cubs are born unformed, and must be licked into shape by the mother
Beaver Castor Beast Hunted for its testicles, it castrates itself to escape from the hunter
Bee Apes Insect Bees are the smallest of birds, and are born from the bodies of oxen
Bee-eater Meropes Bird Bee-eater young care for their elderly parents
Behemoth Behemoth Beast An enormous four-footed beast
Bibiones Bibiones Insect Insects that are generated in wine
Bittern Onocratulus Bird A bird that makes a booming noise
Blackbird Merula Bird An agreeable bird that sings in April and May
Boa Boas Serpent An enormous snake, found in Italy, that feeds on cattle
Boar (Wild) Aper Beast A savage wild pig or hog
Bonnacon Bonnacon Beast A beast like a bull, that uses its dung as a weapon
Botrax Botrax Serpent A serpent with the face of a frog
Bream Dentix Fish A fish with many large teeth
Buffalo Bubalus Beast Buffalo are so wild that they cannot be yoked
Bull Juvencus Beast The Indian bull is tawny colored and swift as a bird
Buprestis Buprestis Insect A venomous beetle that attacks cows
Bustard Gradipes A bird that cannot quickly fly high
Butterfly Papilio Insect An insect that generates small worms from its dung
Caladrius Caladrius Bird A bird which can tell if a sick man will die, and can cure disease
Camel Camelus Beast Camels can endure thirst for three days and prefer to drink muddy water
Carbuncle Carbuncle Stone When it is held against the sun it resembles a burning coal
Cat Musio Beast An animal that is hostile to mice
Caterpillar Eruca Worm A worm that eats foliage
Catoblepas Catoblepas Beast A beast with a head so heavy it can only look down
Cedar Tree Cedar tree Plant Symbol of Mary and of the transfiguration of Christ
Cenchris Cenchris Serpent A serpent that cannot bend
Centaur Centaurus Beast The centaur is part man and part horse
Centipede Centupedia Serpent A serpent with many feet
Centris Centris Serpent An inflexible serpent
Cerastes Cerastes Serpent An exceptionally flexible serpent with horns
Chameleon Cameleon Serpent An animal that can change its color
Chelydros Chelydros Serpent Land and water serpent
Cicada Cicada Insect An insect born from the saliva of the cuckoo
Cinnamologus Cinnamulgus Bird An Arabian bird that makes its nest from the fruits of the cinnamon tree
Cock Gallus Bird The cock is a bird that can tell time
Coot Fulica Bird An intelligent bird that stays in one place
Coredulus Coredulus Bird A bird whoes name implies "eater of the heart"
Cow (Domestic) Vacca Beast A useful animal
Crab Cancer Fish A fish with claws
Crane Grus Bird At night cranes take turns keeping watch for enemies
Cricket Grillus Insect A creature that likes to sing, forgetting all else
Crocodile Crocodilus Beast A beast that weeps after eating a man
Crow Cornix Bird A long-lived bird that foretells the future
Cuckoo Cuculus Bird A weak bird that travels on the backs of kites
Cuttlefish Sepia Fish A fish that is easily caught in enclosures
Diamond Adamas Stone If a diamond is kept in a house, demons cannot enter
Dipsa Dipsas Serpent A snake so poisonous that its bite kills before it is felt
Doe Dammula Beast The female deer
Dog Canis Beast A young dog bound to a patient cures internal wounds
Dog-fly Cynomya Worm A type of fly
Dolphin Delphine Fish Dolphins gather in schools at the sound of music
Dormouse Glis Beast They sleep all winter as if dead
Dove Columba Bird There is meaning in the various colors of doves
Dragon Draco Serpent The greatest of all serpents on earth
Dragonfly Odonata Insect A long thin insect with four wings
Dromedary Dromedarius Beast The dromedary is a small camel that can travel a hundred Roman miles a day
Duck Anas Bird The ducks of Pontus feed on the poison in the sea
Dyomeda Dyomeda Bird A bird that can distinguish between local people and foreigners
Eagle Aquila Bird A bird with eyes so strong it can look directly into the sun
Echeneis Echeneis Fish This fish clings to ships and holds them back
Eel Anguilla Fish A serpent of the sea
Elephant Elephas Beast Persian and Indian soldiers build wooden towers on the back of elephants and fight from there.
Elk Alches Beast The Eurasian elk or moose
Escarus Escarus Fish A fish that ruminates its food
Falcon Falco Bird A bird used for hunting
Figpecker Ficedula A bird that mostly eats figs
Fire Stones Lapides igniferi Stone Stones that burst into flames when brought close together
Fish Pices Fish The number of species of fish is uncountable
Fly Musca Insect An insect that can revive after being drowned
Fox Vulpis Beast A crafty and deceitful animal that never runs in a straight line
Frog Rana Serpent Land frogs die if exposed to rain
Furfurio Furfurio A bird that feeds on flour
Giraffe Camelopardus Beast A beast that looks like a camel but has the spots of a leopard
Glaucus Glaucus Fish A white fish that appears on cloudy days
Glow-worm Cicindela Insect An insect that gives off light
Gnat Culex Insect An insect that sucks blood
Goat Caper Beast An animal that likes to live on high mountains
Goldfinch Carduellus Bird A bird that eats thorns and thistles
Goose Anser Bird Geese can smell the odor of man better than any other animal can
Grey Mullet Mugilis Fish An agile fish of the Mediterranean
Griffin Gryphes Beast A beast with the body of a lion and the wings and head of an eagle
Hamio Hamio Fish A fish with purple markings
Hare Lepus Beast A timid beast that runs fast
Harpy Harpyia Bird A fierce bird with a human head
Hawk Accipiter Bird The hawk has great courage in a small body
He-goat Hircus Beast A beast so hot that its blood dissolves diamond
Hedgehog Herinacius Beast A beast that carries away grapes on its sharp quills
Hen Gallina Bird Hens become weak because their chicks are weak
Hercinia Hercinia Bird A bird with brightly glowing feathers
Heron Herodius Bird A bird wise above all others
Hippopotamus Yppotamus Beast A large beast called the river horse
Hoopoe Hupupa Bird The young care for their elderly parents
Hornet Crabro Insect Hornets are born from the flesh of the horse
Horse Equus Beast A horse is a horse, of course, of course...
Horse-fly Oestrus Insect A stinging insect associanted with cattle
Hydra Hydra Serpent A multi-headed serpent
Hydros Hydros Serpent A water snake that makes those bitten swell up
Hydrus Hydrus Serpent The enemy of the crocodile, which it kills from the inside
Hyena Hyaena Beast A beast that eats human corpses and changes sex
Ibex Ibex Beast A beast with horns so strong they can save it from a fall
Ibis Ibis Bird The dirtiest of birds because it feeds on corpses
Ichneumon Ichneumon Serpent An enemy of the snake
Indian Stone Lapis indicus Stone A stone that can cure the illness called dropsy
Jackdaw Monedula Bird The jackdaw is a noisy bird
Jaculus Jaculus Serpent A flying serpent
Jay Graculus Bird A very noisy bird
Kingfisher Halcyon Bird A bird that calms sea storms
Kite Milvus Bird A rapacious bird that feeds on carrion
Lamb Agnus Beast The lamb knows its own parents by their voice
Lamia Lamia Beast A stealer and killer of children
Lark Alauda Bird A singing bird
Leech Sanguisuga Worm A blood sucking aquatic worm
Leontophone Leontophone Beast A small beast that is deadly to lions
Leopard Leopardus Beast The offspring of a mating between a lion and a pard
Leucrota Leucrota Beast A composite beast with a mouth that stretches from ear to ear
Leviathan Leviathan Serpent An enormous sea-dragon
Lion Leo Beast The lion is the king of the beasts
Lizard Saura Serpent When the lizard goes blind, it looks to the rising sun
Locust Locusta Beast An insect with long legs
Lynx Lynx Beast The urine of the lynx hardens into a precious stone
Magnet Lapis magnis Stone Magnet or lodestone attracts iron
Magpie Pica Bird The magpie has a voice which can express words with distinct sounds
Mandrake Mandragora Plant A plant with human-shaped roots, that shrieks when it is pulled from the earth
Manticore Manticora Beast A composite beast with a man's face, a lion's body, and the stinger of a scorpion
Martin Martinarus Beast An animal that is common in Ireland
Martineta Martineta Bird A bird that does not decay when dead
Melanurus Melanurus Fish A fish with a black tail
Memnonides Memnonides Bird A bird that flies from Egypt to Troy every fifth year
Mergus Mergus Bird Generic term for a sea bird
Mermaid Serra Fish A creature half human, half fish
Millago Millago Fish A fish that flies over water
Millipede Multipes Worm A worm with a multitude of feet
Mole Talpa Beast A blind animal that lives in the earth
Monocerus Monocerus Beast A fierce beast with a single long horn
Moth Blatta Insect An insect that cannot bear the light
Moth-worm Tinea Worm A worm that eats clothes
Mouse Mus Beast A small animal that is born from the soil
Mule Mulus Beast Mules come from the unnatural mating of a female horse and a male ass
Muraena Muraena Fish A fish that twists itself in circles
Muscaliet Muscaliet Beast A beast with the body of a hare, tail of a squirrel, teeth of a boar
Mussel Musculus Fish A shellfish that serves as the male for oysters
Natrix Natrix Serpent A snake that contaminates water
Newt Stellio Serpent A lizard with spots like stars on its back
Nightingale Luscinia Bird A bird that that sings so enthusiastically that it almost dies
Octopus Polipo Fish The octopus is a very clever sea fisher and very clever at deceiving others.
Onager Onager Beast A wild ass that can predict the coming of the equinox
Onocentaur Onocentaurus Beast A beast with the upper body of a man and the lower body of an ass
Ophites Ophites Serpent A serpent the color of sand
Orphan Bird Bird The mother bird knows which of her eggs contain the best offspring
Osprey Aurifrigius Bird Ospreys are smaller than eagles but larger than hawks
Ostrich Assida Bird A bird that can digest anything, even iron, but is careless of its eggs
Owl Noctua Bird The owl is a dirty bird that prefers darkness to light
Ox Bos Beast The ox is a strong beast that can predict the weather
Pagrus Pagrus Fish A fish with hard teeth
Palm Tree Palma Plant Palm tree
Panther Panthera Beast A gentle, multicolored beast whose only enemy is the dragon
Parandrus Parandrus Beast A beast that can conceal itself by changing its appearance
Pard Pardus Beast A swift and deadly beast that kills with a single leap
Parias Parias Serpent A serpent that walks on its tail
Parrot Psittacus Bird A talking bird with a very hard beak
Partridge Perdix Bird A deceitful bird that steals other birds' eggs
Peacock Pavo Bird A bird with a terrible voice and flesh too hard to cook
Peahen Pavo Bird Female peafowl, with a less magnificent tail
Pearl-oyster Margarita Stone Pearls are produced by a stone called an oyster
Pelican Pelicanus Bird A bird that revives its dead young with its own blood
Peridexion Tree Peredixion Plant A tree in India that attracts doves and repels dragons
Pheasant Phasianus Bird A bird named for the Greek island of Phasis
Phoenix Phoenix Bird A bird that rises anew from the ashes of its funeral pyre
Pig (Domestic) Porcus Beast A filthy animal that wallows in mud
Pike Lupus piscis Fish The wolf of the sea
Porcupine Histrix Beast An animal that has quills or spines
Quail Coturnix Bird Quails cannot be eaten, because they feed on poisonous seeds
Rabbit Cuniculus Beast A wild beast hunted by dogs
Ram Aries Beast Rams were the first animals to be sacrificed on alters
Rat Rattus Beast An oversized mouse
Raven Corvus Bird The raven will not accept its young until their feathers turn black
Red Mullet Mullus Fish A fish of the Mediterranean
Rinatrix Rinatrix Serpent A serpent that poisons water
Salamander Salamandra Serpent Salamanders are so cold they can extinguish any fire
Salmon Salmonis Fish Fish that swim upstream and leap up waterfalls
Salpuga Salpuga Serpent A snake that is invisible
Sardine Sardina Fish A small fish
Satyr Satyrus Beast An ape-like wild man
Sawfish Serra Fish The sawfish has enormous wings and likes to race against ships
Scallop Fish Symbol of the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela
Sciniphes Sciniphes Insect A tiny, troublesome fly
Scitalis Scitalis Serpent A serpent with such a marvellous appearance that it stuns the viewer
Scorpion Scorpius Insect The scorpion is a worm that stings with its tail
Sea-cow Bocas Fish The cow of the sea
Sea-dog Canes maris Fish The dog of the sea
Sea-dragon Draco marinus Fish The dragon of the sea
Sea-hare Lepus marinus Fish The hare of the sea
Sea-horse Equis marini Fish The horse of the sea
Sea-mule Mullus piscis Fish The mule of the sea
Sea-pig Porci marini Fish Sea-pigs dig up the ground under water
Sea-raven Corvi maris Fish The raven of the sea
Sea-scorpion Scorpio Fish The scorpion of the sea
Sea-snail Murica Fish The sea-snail produces purple dye
Sea-spider Aranea Fish The spider of the sea
Sea-swallow Yrundine piscis Fish The swallow of the sea
Sea-urchin Echinus Fish A shellfish with spines
Sea-viper Vipera marina Fish The viper of the sea
Seal Phoca Fish The calf of the sea
Seps Seps Serpent The poison of the seps consumes both body and bones
Sheep Ovis Beast The sheep is a defenceless, placid animal
Shrew Sorex Beast A kind of mouse that bites
Silkworm Bombyx Worm Silkworms weave cloth from leaves
Siren Sirena Bird A deadly creature, half human, half bird or fish
Siren (Serpent) Siren Serpent An snake so poisonous that those bitten die before they feel pain
Slug Limax Worm Slugs are born out of mud
Snail Cochlea Fish Snails live on land and in water
Snake Serpens Serpent The snake crawls with hidden steps
Sparrow Passer Bird Sparrows are swift and live in cracks in walls
Sparus Sparus Fish A fish shaped like a spear
Spider Aranea Worm The spider is an aerial worm that takes its nourishment from the air
Sponge Sfungia Fish A fish used for cleaning
Squatus Squatus Fish A fish with sharp scales
Squid Lulligo Fish A multitude of squid can sink ships
Squirrel Cyrogrillus Beast An animal that climbs trees
Stag Cervus Beast A drink made from the tears and the heart bones of a stag is a cure for troubles of the heart
Starling Sturnis Bird A bird with stars on its feathers
Stork Ciconia Bird Two crows lead flocks of storks when they cross the sea to Asia
Stymphalis Stymphalis Bird Man-eating birds with beaks of bronze and sharp metallic feathers
Swallow Hirundo Bird The swallow deserts buildings that are about to collapse
Swan Olor Bird The swan sings most sweetly just before it dies
Swordfish Gladius Fish A fish with a pointed beak it uses to sink ships
Terido Teredo Worm Wood worms that are generated when trees are cut at the wrong time
Thrush Turdus Bird A bird that returns at the beginning of winter
Thymallus Thymallus Fish A fish named after a flower
Tiger Tigris Beast Tigers are remarkable for their strength and speed
Titmouse Bird A bird that is curious about other birds
Torpedo Torpedo Fish A fish whose touch numbs the strongest arms and swiftest feet
Tortoise Testudo Fish The tortoise is a fish with a back covered in a shell
Tragelaphus (Reindeer) Tragelaphus Beast A deer-like animal that has a beard
Tuna Thynnus Fish Fish that sees better with the right eye
Turtledove Turtur Bird A bird that always remains faithful to its mate
Unguis Unguis Fish A fish named from its similarity to fingernails
Unicorn Unicornis Beast The unicorn is a fierce beast that can only be captured by a maiden
Uranoscopus Uranoscopus A fish that always looks upward
Viper Vipera Serpent The young of the viper eat their way out of their mother's side
Vulture Vultur Bird The vulture is a slow-flying bird that eats corpses
Walrus Fish Large sea beast with tusks
Wasp Vespis Insect A stinging insect
Water-horse Hippocampus Beast A beast with the front half of a horse and tail of a fish or serpent
Weasel Mustella Beast The weasel conceives at the mouth and gives birth through the ear
Weevil Gurgulio Insect An insect that is almost nothing but a throat
Wether Vervex Beast The wether is named from the worms in its head
Whale Aspidochelone Fish Sailors mistake the whale for an island
Wild Man Beast A man who lives wild in the forest
Wolf Lupus Beast If a wolf sees a man before the man sees the wolf, the man will lose his voice
Wood-dove Palumbes Bird A chaste bird
Woodpecker Picus Bird No spike can remain in a tree where a woodpecker nests
Worm Vermis Worm Worms are born from flesh without intercourse
Yale Eale Beast A beast with flexible horns that it can move at will