Beast Index - Cross Reference

This is a cross reference index to the beasts. You can filter the table by typing partial word in the box below. The alphabet band at the left allows you to jump to the first item sorted under the letter you click. See the help page for more information.

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Name Common Type
Aasilus Horse-fly Worm/Insect
Abarenon Abarenon Fish A fish that lays eggs by rubbing on sand
Abatue Mullet Fish
Abeille Bee Worm/Insect
Abelhas Bee Worm/Insect
Abibes Abides Fish
Abides Abides Fish A marine animal that first lives in the water and then on land
Abitue Mullet Fish
Absalon Merlin Bird
Abydes Abides Fish
Acantis Anthus Bird
Acato Agate Stone
Acceptor Hawk Bird
Accipender Sturgeon Fish
Accipenser Sturgeon Fish
Accipiter Hawk Bird
Achanes Ahanes Beast
Achantis Anthus Bird
Achates Agate Stone
Achilon Merlin Bird
Achime Mullet Fish
Acolopus Antelope Beast
Acontias Jaculus Serpent
Acredula Nightingale Bird
Acrochile Nightjar Bird
Adamans Diamond Stone
Adamas Diamond Stone
Addercop Spider Worm/Insect
Adlacta Cricket Worm/Insect
Adler Eagle Bird
Aedon Nightingale Bird
Aegithus Anthus Bird
Aegle Eagle Bird
Aelion Aeriophylon Bird
Aerifylon Aeriophylon Bird
Aeriophylon Aeriophylon Bird A bird seldom seen because it flies above the clouds
Aesalon Merlin Bird
Aesaure Lizard Serpent
Äffin Ape Beast
Affine Ape Beast
Afforus Aphorus Fish
Aforus Aphorus Fish
Agate Agate Stone Can be used to find pearls
Agnus Lamb Beast
Agochiles Nightjar Bird
Agothilez Nightjar Bird
Agothylez. Nightjar Bird
Agotile Nightjar Bird
Agredulae Frog Serpent
Ahanes Ahanes Beast An animal as large as a stag
Ahedysymon Dragon Serpent
Ahune Ahanes Beast
Ahune Mullet Fish
Aigle Eagle Bird
Aignel Lamb Beast
Aignials Lamb Beast
Aigniaus Lamb Beast
Aigniaux Lamb Beast
Aille Eagle Bird
Aimant Magnet Stone
Aingehürn Unicorn Beast
Aironda Swallow Bird
Aisgle Eagle Bird
Alauda Lark Bird
Alay Elk Beast
Albirez Albirez Fish A fish with a very hard skin
Albirus Albirez Fish
Albures Alphoraz Fish
Albyres Albirez Fish
Albyroz Albirez Fish
Alcedo Kingfisher Bird
Alces Elk Beast
Alches Elk Beast
Alcion Kingfisher Bird
Alcionibus Kingfisher Bird
Alcyon Kingfisher Bird
Aleiron Alerion Bird
Alerion Alerion Bird A bird the color of fire, with razor-sharp wings
Aleryous Alerion Bird
Alfech Pard Beast
Alforas Alphoraz Fish
Alforus Alphoraz Fish
Alfudius Asfodius Serpent
Alhartraf Dragon Serpent
Alietus Falcon Bird
Alifant Elephant Beast
Allec Allec Fish A fish used to make pickled fish sauce
Allec pisaculus Allec Fish
Allech Allec Fish
Allecia Allec Fish
Allecibus Allec Fish
Alleciis Allec Fish
Allecus Allec Fish
Alnon Kingfisher Bird
Aloete Lark Bird
Aloy Elk Beast
Alphoraz Alphoraz Fish A fish that is generated from rotting mud
Altherina Abarenon Fish
Altion Kingfisher Bird
Altynanyiy Jaculus Serpent
Alzabo Hyena Beast
Amantinus Diamond Stone
Ameise Ant Worm/Insect
Ameisenliwe Ant-lion Beast
Amfivena Amphisbaena Serpent
Amia Amia Fish A fish with purple or red markings
Amio Amia Fish
Amione Amia Fish
Amiudutus Arundutis Serpent
Amius Amia Fish
Ammarata Vulture Bird
Amphilina Amphisbaena Serpent
Amphine Amphisbaena Serpent
Amphisbaena Amphisbaena Serpent A serpent with two heads, one at either end
Amphisibena Amphisbaena Serpent
Amphysibena Amphisbaena Serpent
Amraam Vulture Bird
Amraante Vulture Bird
Amraham Vulture Bird
Ana Ana Beast A beast that comes to the defense of others of its own kind
Anabula Giraffe Beast
Analopos Antelope Beast
Anas Duck Bird
Ancer Goose Bird
Ancipitrem Hawk Bird
Andolap Antelope Beast
Andris Andrius Serpent
Andrius Andrius Serpent Lives in water and on land
Ane Ass Beast
Ane sauvage Onager Beast
Aneta Duck Bird
Anfysibena Amphisbaena Serpent
Anguilla Eel Fish
Anguillas Eel Fish
Anguille Eel Fish
Anguille Snake Serpent
Anguis Snake Serpent
Anksymen Amphisbaena Serpent
Annes de la mer Barnacle Goose Bird
Anphine Amphisbaena Serpent
Anphivena Amphisbaena Serpent
Ans Duck Bird
Anser Goose Bird
Ansibena Amphisbaena Serpent
Ant Ant Worm/Insect Ants harvest grain to store for the winter
Ant-lion Ant-lion Beast The offspring of an ant and a lion
Antalops Antelope Beast
Antelope Antelope Beast An animal so wild no hunter can approach it
Antelups Antelope Beast
Anthus Anthus Bird A small bird that fights with horses
Antula Antelope Beast
Antule Antelope Beast
Ape Ape Beast Called "simia" because it is similar to humans
Ape Satyr Beast
Aper Boar Beast
Aper domesticus Pig Beast
Apes Bee Worm/Insect
Aphorus Aphorus Fish A small fish that cannot be caught on a hook
Api Ape Beast
Apicula Bee Worm/Insect
Apis Bee Worm/Insect
Aptalon Antelope Beast
Aptalops Antelope Beast
Aquila Eagle Bird
Aracis Aracsis Serpent
Aracsis Aracsis Serpent A treacherous, varicolored serpent of large size
Aradixon Peridexion Tree Plant
Aragna Spider Worm/Insect
Araignée Spider Worm/Insect
Araingne Spider Worm/Insect
Aranea Sea-spider Fish
Aranea Spider Worm/Insect
Aranea Spider Worm/Insect
Aranha Spider Worm/Insect
Arbore Pennice Peridexion Tree Plant
Arbore Perindex Peridexion Tree Plant
Arcinee Hercinia Bird
Ardea Heron Bird
Aremia Spider Worm/Insect
Arendola Swallow Bird
Aries Ram Beast
Aries Sea-ram Fish
Aries piscis Sea-ram Fish
Aries piscis Sea-ram Fish
Ariete Ram Beast
Aringne Spider Worm/Insect
Ariofilon Aeriophylon Bird
Ariofolon Aeriophylon Bird
Aristosus Bitterling Fish
Armene Cobra Serpent
Aronda Swallow Bird
Aronde Swallow Bird
Arpia Harpy Bird
Arpie Harpy Bird
Arpya Harpy Bird
Arrangleta Swallow Bird
Arrungleta Swallow Bird
Arundines Swallow Bird
Arundutis Arundutis Serpent A serpent with a tracery of lines over its body
Asalon Merlin Bird
Asalus Merlin Bird
Ascarida Louse Worm/Insect
Asellus Ass Beast
Asfodius Asfodius Serpent A serpent that causes blood to pour out of its victim
Asida Ostrich Bird
Asinus Ass Beast
Aslet Ray Fish
Asne salvage Onager Beast
Asp Asp Serpent Blocks its ear with its tail so as not to hear the charmer
Aspi Asp Serpent
Aspic Asp Serpent
Aspida Ostrich Bird
Aspide Asp Serpent
Aspido Covie Whale Fish
Aspidochelone Whale Fish
Aspidochelone Whale Fish
Aspidohelunes Whale Fish
Aspidotestudo Whale Fish
Aspis Asp Serpent
Aspischelone Whale Fish
Aspito Chelone Whale Fish
Ass Ass Beast An animal that is slow and resists commands
Assida Ostrich Bird
Assidam Ostrich Bird
Astaras Astaraz Fish
Astaraz Astaraz Fish A fish spontaneously generated from the foam of rain water
Astaroz Astaraz Fish
Astois Abides Fish
Asylus Cobra Serpent
Athochilus Nightjar Bird
Attilus Sturgeon Fish
Auce Goose Bird
Aureo vellus Golden Fleece Fish
Aurifrigius Osprey Bird
Auringla Swallow Bird
Auringleta Swallow Bird
Aurochs Buffalo Beast
Australis Australis Fish A fish that appears when the Pleiades decline
Australis piscis Australis Fish
Autalops Antelope Beast
Autruche Ostrich Bird
Autula Antelope Beast
Avelerion Alerion Bird
Aves paradisi Paradisi Bird
Aygla Eagle Bird
Aygle Eagle Bird
Babilonice pisces Babylonian Fish Fish
Babilonici pisces Babylonian Fish Fish
Babylonian Fish Babylonian Fish Fish A fish that lives in caves near Babylon
Badger Badger Beast A dirty beast that bites
Balain Whale Fish
Balayn Whale Fish
Balbuzard Osprey Bird
Balena Whale Fish
Balene Whale Fish
Barbel Barbulus Fish
Barbulus Barbulus Fish A fish with a beard
Barchera Sea-turtle Fish
Barchora Sea-turtle Fish
Barliades Barnacle Goose Bird
Barliases Barnacle Goose Bird
Barliates Barnacle Goose Bird
Barliatus Barnacle Goose Bird
Barnacha Barnacle Goose Bird
Barnacle Goose Barnacle Goose Bird A bird that initially grows from trees
Barneta Barnacle Goose Bird
Baselicoc Basilisk Serpent
Basile Basilisk Serpent
Basilicoc Basilisk Serpent
Basilicot Basilisk Serpent
Basilicus Basilisk Serpent
Basilisc Basilisk Serpent
Basiliscus Basilisk Serpent
Basilisk Basilisk Serpent Its odor, voice and even look can kill
Basilius Basilisk Serpent
Baslilisscho Basilisk Serpent
Basylyscus Basilisk Serpent
Bat Bat Bird A bird that gives birth to living young
Bauna Bonnacon Beast
Bear Bear Beast The cubs are born unformed, and are licked into shape by the mother
Beaver Beaver Beast Hunted for its testicles, it castrates itself to escape from the hunter
Bedbug Bedbug Worm/Insect A blood sucking worm that preys on humans
Bee Bee Worm/Insect Bees are the smallest of birds, and are born from the bodies of oxen
Bee-eater Bee-eater Bird Bee-eater young care for their elderly parents
Behemoth Behemoth Beast An enormous four-footed beast
Belette Weasel Beast
Belier Ram Beast
Belua Whale Fish
Benitheres Bonnacon Beast
Bernace Barnacle Goose Bird
Bernekke Barnacle Goose Bird
Bernescas Barnacle Goose Bird
Berus Berus Serpent A serpent that is more cunning than any other
Bevir Beaver Beast
Bevre Beaver Beast
Biber Beaver Beast
Bibiones Bibiones Worm/Insect Insects that are generated in wine
Bicendula Glow-worm Worm/Insect
Bievre Beaver Beast
Bird of Paradise Paradisi Bird
Bisiae Goose Bird
Bison Buffalo Beast
Bistacida Bustard Bird
Bistarda Bustard Bird
Bitterling Bitterling Fish A fish that has so many many bones that it is difficult to eat
Bittern Bittern Bird A bird that makes a booming noise
Bittore Bittern Bird
Black-tail Melanurus Fish
Blackbird Blackbird Bird An agreeable bird that sings in April and May
Blactae Moth Worm/Insect
Blacte Moth Worm/Insect
Blactis Moth Worm/Insect
Blatta Moth Worm/Insect
Blucus Caterpillar Worm/Insect
Boa Boa Serpent An enormous snake, found in Italy, that feeds on cattle
Boar Boar Beast A savage wild pig or hog
Boas Boa Serpent
Boca Sea-cow Fish
Bocas Sea-cow Fish
Boche Bothis Fish
Bochis Bothis Fish
Bocte Bothis Fish
Bombax Silkworm Worm/Insect
Bombex Silkworm Worm/Insect
Bombice Silkworm Worm/Insect
Bombocis Silkworm Worm/Insect
Bombyx Silkworm Worm/Insect
Bonachus Bonnacon Beast
Bonasus Bonnacon Beast
Bonbax Silkworm Worm/Insect
Bonboricus Bonnacon Beast
Bonnachus Bonnacon Beast
Bonnacon Bonnacon Beast A beast like a bull, that uses its dung as a weapon
Bonosa Grouse Bird
Bonosas Grouse Bird
Bonosis Grouse Bird
Borace Botrax Serpent
Borax Botrax Serpent
Borbothe Borbothis Fish
Borbothis Borbothis Fish A fish that resembles an eel, but with a large head
Borloca Borbothis Fish
Bos Ox Beast
Bothe Bothis Fish
Bothis Bothis Fish A flat fish that goes to the river bottom and muddies the water to hide
Botiosa Grouse Bird
Botosia Grouse Bird
Botrace Botrax Serpent
Botrax Botrax Serpent A serpent with the face of a frog
Botro Botrax Serpent
Bouc Goat Beast
Bouquetin Goat Beast
Bouquetin Ibex Beast
Bova Ox Beast
Bowc He-goat Beast
Bream Bream Fish A fish with many large teeth
Brebis Sheep Beast
Bristle-worm Seta Worm/Insect
Brocke Badger Beast
Bruchus Caterpillar Worm/Insect
Bruco Caterpillar Worm/Insect
Brucus Caterpillar Worm/Insect
Brutus Caterpillar Worm/Insect
Bubalus Buffalo Beast
Bubo Owl Bird
Bubone Owl Bird
Buc Goat Beast
Bucio Bittern Bird
Buffalo Buffalo Beast Buffalo are so wild that they cannot be yoked
Buffone Buffone Worm/Insect An insect that has a voice like a trumpet
Bufo Buffone Worm/Insect
Bufones Buffone Worm/Insect
Bugle Buffalo Beast
Bull Bull Beast The Indian bull is tawny colored and swift as a bird
Bullock Bull Beast
Buo Ox Beast
Buprestis Buprestis Worm/Insect A venomous beetle that causes cows to burst
Burestis Buprestis Worm/Insect
Bustard Bustard Bird A slow moving carrion eating bird
Buteo Hawk Bird
Buteuus Hawk Bird
Buthe Bothis Fish
Buthorius Bittern Bird
Butor Bittern Bird
Butorius Bittern Bird
Butterfly Butterfly Worm/Insect An insect that generates small worms from its dung
Caab Caab Fish A marine animal that has one long foot it uses as a hand
Caballus Horse Beast
Cacadrius Caladrius Bird
Cacendula Glow-worm Worm/Insect
Cacus Cacus Beast A monster that steals cattle
Cadarides Cantharis Worm/Insect
Caeca Tick Worm/Insect
Caecula Cecula Serpent
Caeruleum Ceruleum Fish
Cafezatus Jaculus Serpent
Cahab Caab Fish
Caille Quail Bird
Caladre Caladrius Bird
Caladri Caladrius Bird
Caladrio Caladrius Bird
Caladrius Caladrius Bird A bird which can tell if a sick man will die, and can cure disease
Calamitis Frog Serpent
Calandre Caladrius Bird
Calandrello Caladrius Bird
Calandrini Caladrius Bird
Calandrius Caladrius Bird
Calendris Lark Bird
Calepus Antelope Beast
Caliitrice Ape Beast
Callitrix Ape Beast
Calopus Antelope Beast
Cama Lynx Beast
Camalcon Chameleon Serpent
Camaleon Chameleon Serpent
Camel Camel Beast Camels can endure thirst for three days and prefer muddy water
Cameleon Chameleon Serpent
Cameleonte Chameleon Serpent
Cameloparda Giraffe Beast
Camelopardalis Giraffe Beast
Camelopardus Giraffe Beast
Camelopdalis Giraffe Beast
Camelus Camel Beast
Camelus pardalis Giraffe Beast
Can Dog Beast
Cancer Crab Fish
Canceri Crab Fish
Candarides Cantharis Worm/Insect
Canes maris Sea-dog Fish
Canicula Dog Beast
Canicularum Sea-dog Fish
Caniculis Rabbit Beast
Caniculis Sea-dog Fish
Canis Dog Beast
Canopos Pelican Bird
Cantarida Cantharis Worm/Insect
Cantarides Cantharis Worm/Insect
Cantharidas Cantharis Worm/Insect
Cantharides Cantharis Worm/Insect
Cantharis Cantharis Worm/Insect A green insect that glitters with gold in sunlight
Capa Capa Fish A shellfish with a pearl-like shell
Capelus Antelope Beast
Capeluste Antelope Beast
Caper Goat Beast
Capitaius Capito Fish
Capitato Capito Fish
Capitatus Capito Fish
Capitatus Capito Fish
Capito Capito Fish A fish with a large head that lives in rivers
Capitone Capito Fish
Capitones Capitones Fish A sea fish with a large head and narrow tail
Capitonibus maris Capitones Fish
Capon Cock Bird
Capra Goat Beast
Caprea Goat Beast
Capreola Capreola Beast The roe deer
Capreola Goat Beast
Capreolus Capreola Beast
Caprimulgas Nightjar Bird
Caprola Capreola Beast
Capula Tapula Worm/Insect
Capus Falcon Bird
Carabo Lobster Fish
Caradrio Caladrius Bird
Caradrione Caladrius Bird
Caradrius Caladrius Bird
Carastes Cerastes Serpent
Caratrio Caladrius Bird
Carbuncle Carbuncle Stone When it is held against the sun it resembles a burning coal
Carcates Catarrhactes Bird
Carchates Catarrhactes Bird
Carduelis Goldfinch Bird
Carduellus Goldfinch Bird
Carido Caladrius Bird
Caristae Cariste Bird
Cariste Cariste Bird A bird that can fly through flames without harm
Carnen Sea-dragon Fish
Carp Carp Fish A fish that has five ways to escape a net
Carpera Carp Fish
Carperen Carp Fish
Carpeta Carp Fish
Carpo Carp Fish
Carystis Cariste Bird
Casestes Cerastes Serpent
Cassitore Beaver Beast
Castoires Beaver Beast
Castor Beaver Beast
Castore Beaver Beast
Castorno Beaver Beast
Castoro Beaver Beast
Cat Cat Beast An animal that is hostile to mice
Catapheba Catoblepas Beast
Catarrhactes Catarrhactes Bird A diving bird that stays underwater for a long time
Caterpillar Caterpillar Worm/Insect A worm that eats foliage
Catfish Catfish Fish The male of this fish takes care of his offspring
Cathapelaba Catoblepas Beast
Cathapleba Catoblepas Beast
Cathus Cacus Beast
Cathus Cat Beast
Catobefas Catoblepas Beast
Catoblepas Catoblepas Beast A beast with a head so heavy it can only look down
Catoplepa Catoblepas Beast
Catotephus Catoblepas Beast
Cattus Cat Beast
Catulis Dog Beast
Catus Cacus Beast
Caucatrix Crocodile Beast
Cautius Catfish Fish
Cauve-souris Bat Bird
Caval Horse Beast
Cavue Crow Bird
Cecula Cecula Serpent A serpent with no eyes
Cedar Tree Cedar Tree Plant Symbol of Mary and of the transfiguration of Christ
Ceffa Cefusa Beast
Cefi Cefusa Beast
Cefusa Cefusa Beast A beast with human feet and hands
Celechi Celethi Fish
Celethai Celethi Fish
Celethi Celethi Fish A fish that sleeps so soundly it can be caught by hand
Celeti Celethi Fish
Celidros Chelydros Serpent
Celydrus Chelydros Serpent
Cenchris Centris Serpent
Cencris Centris Serpent
Ceneris Centris Serpent
Cenophalus Ape Beast
Centaur Centaur Beast The centaur is part man and part horse
Centaurus Centaur Beast
Centes Centris Serpent
Centica Centris Serpent
Centica Centris Serpent
Centicore Yale Beast
Centipede Centipede Worm/Insect A worm or serpent with many feet
Centipes Centipede Worm/Insect
Centre Centris Serpent
Centris Centris Serpent An inflexible serpent
Centrix Centris Serpent
Centupedia Centipede Worm/Insect
Cerastes Cerastes Serpent An exceptionally flexible serpent with horns
Cerastis Cerastes Serpent
Cereastes Cerastes Serpent
Cerf Stag Beast
Cerocopithecus Ape Beast
Ceronfalide Stymphalis Bird
Cersidros Chelydros Serpent
Cerula Cecula Serpent
Ceruleo Ceruleum Fish
Ceruleum Ceruleum Fish A fish of the Ganges River that is strong enough to catch elephants
Ceruus Stag Beast
Cervus Stag Beast
Cervus marinus Sea-stag Fish
Cervus volans Stag-beetle Worm/Insect
Cestreus Mullet Fish
Cete Whale Fish
Cethe Whale Fish
Cethegrande Whale Fish
Ceto Whale Fish
Cetula Cecula Serpent
Chahuan Owl Bird
Chama Lynx Beast
Chameleon Chameleon Serpent An animal that can change its color
Chamoi Ostrich Bird
Chamos Camel Beast
Charadrius Caladrius Bird
Chargol Opimacus Worm/Insect
Chat-huant Owl Bird
Chauve-souris Bat Bird
Chelidros Chelydros Serpent
Chelone Chylon Fish
Chelydros Chelydros Serpent Land and water serpent
Chenille Caterpillar Worm/Insect
Cheroboli Fire Stones Stone
Chers Stag Beast
Chersydros Chelydros Serpent
Chete Whale Fish
Chetho Whale Fish
Cheue Jackdaw Bird
Cheval Horse Beast
Chevre Goat Beast
Chicala Cicada Worm/Insect
Chicken Hen Bird
Chicus Cacus Beast
Chien Dog Beast
Chienne Dog Beast
Chievre Goat Beast
Chilon Chylon Fish
Chimaera Chimera Beast
Chimera Chimera Beast A hybrid beast of lion and goat
Chine Swan Bird
Chirogrillus Squirrel Beast
Chloreus Chloreus Bird A bird that fights with ravens
Choè Jackdaw Bird
Choreles Chloreus Bird
Choretes Chloreus Bird
Choretibus Chloreus Bird
Choturnix Quail Bird
Choucas Jay Bird
Chouette Owl Bird
Chough Jackdaw Bird
Chricos Crab Fish
Chuigne Stork Bird
Chydrus Hydrus Serpent
Chylon Chylon Fish A fish that only eats its own mucus
Chymera Chimera Beast
Chyrogrillus Squirrel Beast
Cicada Cicada Worm/Insect An insect born from the saliva of the cuckoo
Cicas Cicada Worm/Insect
Cicindela Glow-worm Worm/Insect
Ciconia Stork Bird
Ciculi Cuckoo Bird
Ciculus Cuckoo Bird
Cigala Cicada Worm/Insect
Cignus Swan Bird
Cigogne Stork Bird
Ciguigne Ibis Bird
Cimex Bedbug Worm/Insect
Cinamelgus Cinnamologus Bird
Cincedula Glow-worm Worm/Insect
Cincelles Gnat Worm/Insect
Cincendula Glow-worm Worm/Insect
Cindipes Bustard Bird
Cinefes Gnat Worm/Insect
Cing Swan Bird
Ciniphes Gnat Worm/Insect
Cinnamologus Cinnamologus Bird An bird that makes its nest from the fruits of the cinnamon tree
Cinnamomus Cinnamologus Bird
Cinnamulgus Cinnamologus Bird
Cinomolgus Cinnamologus Bird
Cinyfes Gnat Worm/Insect
Cinyfis Gnat Worm/Insect
Circa dexteram Peridexion Tree Plant
Cirogrillus Squirrel Beast
Ciropetice Syropetice Beast
Cisnes Swan Bird
Cladius Swordfish Fish
Clancius Crab Fish
Clautius Catfish Fish
Clothes-moth Clothes-moth Worm/Insect A worm that eats clothes
Cobra Cobra Serpent Every animal that approaches this serpent dies
Coc Cock Bird
Cocadrille Crocodile Beast
Cocatris Basilisk Serpent
Cocatris Crocodile Beast
Cochlea Snail Worm/Insect
Cock Cock Bird The cock is a bird that can tell time
Cockatrice Basilisk Serpent
Coclee Snail Worm/Insect
Cocleis Snail Worm/Insect
Cocodril Crocodile Beast
Cocodrille Crocodile Beast
Cocodrillus Crocodile Beast
Coine Whale Fish
Coleuvre Snake Serpent
Collitrices Ape Beast
Collytrices Ape Beast
Coluber Snake Serpent
Colubrum Snake Serpent
Colum Dove Bird
Columba Dove Bird
Concha Conchis Fish
Conche Conchis Fish
Conchilium Sea-snail Fish
Conchis Conchis Fish A shellfish that resembles a ship
Cone Rabbit Beast
Conger Eel Fish
Congrui Eel Fish
Congrus Eel Fish
Conturnicibus Quail Bird
Conuti Cornutis Serpent
Coot Coot Bird An intelligent bird that stays in one place
Corax Raven Bird
Corbeau Raven Bird
Corbell Raven Bird
Corbellot Raven Bird
Corbiau Raven Bird
Corbiaus Crow Bird
Corcodrillum Crocodile Beast
Coredulus Coredulus Bird A bird whoes name implies "eater of the heart"
Corestes Chloreus Bird
Cormorant Catarrhactes Bird
Corneille Crow Bird
Cornica Cornica Bird A large bird with few feathers
Cornices Crow Bird
Cornicola Cornica Bird
Cornix Crow Bird
Cornua Cerastes Serpent
Cornuta aspis Cornutis Serpent
Cornutis Cornutis Serpent A serpent with horns it uses to attack people
Cornuto Cerastes Serpent
Corocotta Leucrota Beast
Corocrates Leucrota Beast
Corocuita Leucrota Beast
Corp Crow Bird
Corturnix Quail Bird
Corvi maris Sea-raven Fish
Corvi pisces Sea-raven Fish
Corvo Raven Bird
Corvus Raven Bird
Corvus maris Sea-raven Fish
Costri Bee Worm/Insect
Coturnice Quail Bird
Coturnix Quail Bird
Coucous Cuckoo Bird
Coulompe Dove Bird
Coulon Dove Bird
Covie Whale Fish
Cow Cow Beast A useful animal
Crab Crab Fish A fish with claws
Crabro Hornet Worm/Insect
Crabrones Hornet Worm/Insect
Cracocenderon Gracocenderon Bird
Cracocendrion Gracocenderon Bird
Crane Crane Bird At night cranes take turns keeping watch for enemies
Cricetus Hamster Beast
Crichetus Hamster Beast
Cricket Cricket Worm/Insect A creature that likes to sing, forgetting all else
Cricos Crab Fish
Cricus Crab Fish
Crisecus Hamster Beast
Crisnon Cricket Worm/Insect
Crochilos Trochilus Bird
Crochylos Trochilus Bird
Crocodile Crocodile Beast A beast that weeps after eating a man
Crocodilus Crocodile Beast
Crow Crow Bird A long-lived bird that foretells the future
Cruca Caterpillar Worm/Insect
Crucote Leucrota Beast
Cuckoo Cuckoo Bird A weak bird that travels on the backs of kites
Cuco Cuckoo Bird
Cuculus Cuckoo Bird
Cugulus Cuckoo Bird
Culex Gnat Worm/Insect
Culice Gnat Worm/Insect
Culous Dove Bird
Culuer Dove Bird
Culver Dove Bird
Culveris Dove Bird
Culvour Dove Bird
Cuniculus Rabbit Beast
Cuschillus Trochilus Bird
Cuttlefish Cuttlefish Fish A fish that is easily caught in enclosures
Cyanistes Titmouse Bird
Cycadia Cicada Worm/Insect
Cycadis Cicada Worm/Insect
Cycendula Glow-worm Worm/Insect
Cycindela Glow-worm Worm/Insect
Cyconia Dog-fly Worm/Insect
Cyconie Stork Bird
Cydro Hydrus Serpent
Cygne Swan Bird
Cygno Swan Bird
Cygnus Swan Bird
Cyiniculus Rabbit Beast
Cymex Bedbug Worm/Insect
Cynamelgus Cinnamologus Bird
Cynamologus Cinnamologus Bird
Cynamulgos Cinnamologus Bird
Cyncendela Glow-worm Worm/Insect
Cynifes Gnat Worm/Insect
Cynifis Gnat Worm/Insect
Cyniphes Gnat Worm/Insect
Cynocephalus Ape Beast
Cynomoleauis Cinnamologus Bird
Cynomya Dog-fly Worm/Insect
Cynucibus Bedbug Worm/Insect
Cynyfes Gnat Worm/Insect
Cyrocrates Hyena Beast
Cyrocrothes Hyena Beast
Cyrogrillus Squirrel Beast
Dalfino Dolphin Fish
Dama Goat Beast
Damma Demma Beast
Dammula Doe Beast
Dampmula Doe Beast
Dampnia Doe Beast
Damula Doe Beast
Damula Goat Beast
Darbon Mole Beast
Dariata Dariata Bird A bird with no legs that can only crawl
Daryatha Dariata Bird
Daxus Badger Beast
Day-fish Day-fish Fish A fish that only lives for one day
Deer Stag Beast
Delfini Dolphin Fish
Delphine Dolphin Fish
Delphinorum Dolphin Fish
Demma Demma Beast A beast the size of a goat, with long, sharp horns
Dempma Demma Beast
Dentex Bream Fish
Dentix Bream Fish
Dentrice Bream Fish
Dentrix Bream Fish
Dermis Worm Worm/Insect
Derredinis Woodworm Worm/Insect
Deus perres Fire Stones Stone
Diamant Diamond Stone
Diamond Diamond Stone If a diamond is kept in a house, demons cannot enter
Dies piscis Day-fish Fish
Diomedice Dyomeda Bird
Dipnapis Asp Serpent
Dipsa Dipsa Serpent A snake so poisonous that its bite kills before it is felt
Dipsade Dipsa Serpent
Dipsas Dipsa Serpent
Dispas Dipsa Serpent
Doe Doe Beast The female deer
Dog Dog Beast A young dog bound to a patient cures internal wounds
Dog-fish Sea-dog Fish
Dog-fly Dog-fly Worm/Insect A fly that annoys puppies
Dolphin Dolphin Fish Dolphins gather in schools at the sound of music
Dorcas Goat Beast
Dorcon Goat Beast
Dormouse Dormouse Beast They sleep all winter as if dead
Douze len pierres Fire Stones Stone
Dove Dove Bird There is meaning in the various colors of doves
Drachillos Trochilus Bird
Drachilos Trochilus Bird
Draco Dragon Serpent
Draco marinus Sea-dragon Fish
Draco maris Sea-dragon Fish
Dracompedes Draconcopedes Serpent
Draconcopedes Draconcopedes Serpent A dragon-footed serpent
Draconcopedibus Draconcopedes Serpent
Draconcopes Draconcopedes Serpent
Draconcopodes Draconcopedes Serpent
Dracontopedes Draconcopedes Serpent
Dracopedes Draconcopedes Serpent
Dracopedibus Draconcopedes Serpent
Dragon Dragon Serpent The greatest of all serpents on earth
Dragon-foot Draconcopedes Serpent
Dragonfly Dragonfly Worm/Insect A long thin insect with four wings
Dromeda Dromedary Beast
Dromedarius Dromedary Beast
Dromedary Dromedary Beast A small camel that can travel a hundred Roman miles a day
Dromedus Dromedary Beast
Dromond Dromedary Beast
Duck Duck Bird The ducks of Pontus feed on the poison in the sea
Dugong Sea-pig Fish
Duran Duran Beast A beast that slows down pursuing dogs with its odor
Durau Duran Beast
Dyomeda Dyomeda Bird A bird that can distinguish between local people and foreigners
Dyomedie Dyomeda Bird
Dyomedis Dyomeda Bird
Dyomete Dyomeda Bird
Dypsa Dipsa Serpent
Dypsade Dipsa Serpent
Eagle Eagle Bird A bird with eyes so strong it can look directly into the sun
Eale Yale Beast
Ecces Dyomeda Bird
Echeneis Echeneis Fish This fish clings to ships and holds them back
Echinemon Ichneumon Serpent
Echinius Echeneis Fish
Echinus Echeneis Fish
Echinus Hedgehog Beast
Echinus Sea-urchin Fish
Echitus Titmouse Bird
Ecoufle Kite Bird
Edus Goat Beast
Eel Eel Fish A serpent of the sea
Eenhoren Monocerus Beast
Eenhoren Unicorn Beast
Effimeron Day-fish Fish
Egithus Titmouse Bird
Egle Eagle Bird
Egrius Titmouse Bird
Egythus Titmouse Bird
Einhorn Unicorn Beast
Einhurno Unicorn Beast
Elcus Seal Fish
Electric ray Torpedo Fish
Elefant Elephant Beast
Elefas Elephant Beast
Elephans Elephant Beast
Elephant Elephant Beast Soldiers fight from wooden towers on the backs of elephants
Elephante Elephant Beast
Elephas Elephant Beast
Eleuas Elephant Beast
Eleus Seal Fish
Elevas Elephant Beast
Elifant Elephant Beast
Elk Elk Beast The Eurasian elk or moose
Elops Sturgeon Fish
Elpendier Elephant Beast
Elpes Elephant Beast
Emigraneus Emigraneus Worm/Insect A worm that infests the head
Emorois Asp Serpent
Emoroys Asp Serpent
Emorrois Asp Serpent
Emorroyde Asp Serpent
Emorroys Asp Serpent
Emouchet Hawk Bird
Emptra Hemtra Beast
Enatio Hedgehog Beast
Enchinus Echeneis Fish
Enchyros Ox Beast
Engulas Tick Worm/Insect
Enhydros Hydros Serpent
Enidris Hydros Serpent
Enidros Hydros Serpent
Eniptra Hemtra Beast
Eniptra Hemtra Beast
Enoren Monocerus Beast
Enoren Unicorn Beast
Enthires Bonnacon Beast
Entira Hemtra Beast
Entulla Antelope Beast
Entures Bonnacon Beast
Entyra Hemtra Beast
Entyria Hemtra Beast
Entziindbaren Steine Fire Stones Stone
Environ destre Peridexion Tree Plant
Enydros Hydros Serpent
Epervier Hawk Bird
Epopo Hoopoe Bird
Epopus Hoopoe Bird
Equa Horse Beast
Equicervus Equicervus Beast An animal with features of a horse and a stag
Equinilus Equinilus Fish A fish in the Nile River that likes to kill humans
Equinolus Equinilus Fish
Equis marini Sea-horse Fish
Equis maris Sea-horse Fish
Equo Horse Beast
Equonilus Equinilus Fish
Equus Horse Beast
Equus fluminis Hippopotamus Beast
Equus fluvius Hippopotamus Beast
Equus maris Sea-horse Fish
Eracio Hedgehog Beast
Eracleydes Eracliodes Fish
Eracliodes Eracliodes Fish A fish that lives in caves it digs in river shores
Ercinea Hercinia Bird
Ercynee Hercinia Bird
Ericine Hercinia Bird
Ericio Hedgehog Beast
Ericio Sea-urchin Fish
Ericius Hedgehog Beast
Ericius Sea-urchin Fish
Eriçon Hedgehog Beast
Ericus Sea-urchin Fish
Erinacius Hedgehog Beast
Erinatius Hedgehog Beast
Ermine Ermine Beast A small animal that is white in winter and brown in summer
Erminium Ermine Beast
Ernes Eagle Bird
Erodius Heron Bird
Erpia Harpy Bird
Eruca Caterpillar Worm/Insect
Erundo Swallow Bird
Escario Scarus Fish
Escarus Scarus Fish
Eschynus Echeneis Fish
Escouffle Kite Bird
Escuinus Echeneis Fish
Esoce Pike Fish
Esox Pike Fish
Espec Woodpecker Bird
Espech Woodpecker Bird
Essinus Echeneis Fish
Estridge Ostrich Bird
Esynus Echeneis Fish
Exocetus Flying Fish Fish
Exochinus Flying Fish Fish
Exocoetus Flying Fish Fish
Exposita Exposita Fish A fish with very large teeth
Ezochius Flying Fish Fish
Ezochius maris Ezochius maris Fish A very large fish with no teeth in its upper jaw
Ezox Pike Fish
Ezoz Pike Fish
Facator Fatatore Bird
Facatore Fatatore Bird
Falco Falcon Bird
Falcon Falcon Bird A bird used for hunting
Falena Falena Beast An animal that hates human pride
Falitusus Falitusus Serpent This serpent's bite causes necrosis and profound sleep
Famusus Falitusus Serpent
Fascilon Whale Fish
Fasiano Pheasant Bird
Fasianus Pheasant Bird
Fastaleon Mullet Fish
Fastaroz Mullet Fish
Fastitocalon Whale Fish
Fatatore Fatatore Bird A bird that lays its eggs before Spring
Feles Cat Beast
Fene Vulture Bird
Fenice Phoenix Bird
Fenicem Phoenix Bird
Fenis Phoenix Bird
Fenix Phoenix Bird
Fenmine Amphisbaena Serpent
Ferret Ferret Beast An animal like a weasel, used to hunt rabbits in their burrows
Fetice Fetix Bird
Fetix Fetix Bird A small bird that lays eggs twice a year
Fetyx Fetix Bird
Fiber Beaver Beast
Ficario Wild Man Beast
Ficarius Wild Man Beast
Ficedula Figpecker Bird
Ficendula Figpecker Bird
Figpecker Figpecker Bird A bird that mostly eats figs
Fingae Finges Beast
Finges Finges Beast A beast with two nipples on its chest
Fire Stones Fire Stones Stone Stones that burst into flames when brought close together
Firefly Glow-worm Worm/Insect
Fiscedula Figpecker Bird
Fischotter Otter Beast
Fish Fish Fish The number of species of fish is uncountable
Fish Eagle Osprey Bird
Fish Hawk Osprey Bird
Fissau Polecat Beast
Fitchet Polecat Beast
Fitchew Polecat Beast
Flea Flea Worm/Insect An insect that is sent to man as a punishment
Flusspferd Hippopotamus Beast
Fly Fly Worm/Insect An insect that can revive after being drowned
Flycatcher Flycatcher Bird A slow bird with a wide mouth for catching flies and gnats
Flying Fish Flying Fish Fish A fish that goes out onto dry land to sleep
Foca Seal Fish
Focatos Seal Fish
Focce Seal Fish
Foccis Seal Fish
Foce Seal Fish
Focha bos marinus Sea-cow Fish
Foglar Hoopoe Bird
Foranis Ant Worm/Insect
Formi Ant Worm/Insect
Formica Ant Worm/Insect
Formicaleon Ant-lion Beast
Formicaleun Ant-lion Beast
Foul Martin Polecat Beast
Foulque Coot Bird
Foumart Polecat Beast
Fox Fox Beast A crafty and deceitful animal that never runs in a straight line
Fresaie Owl Bird
Fresei Owl Bird
Frog Frog Serpent Land frogs die if exposed to rain
Frösch Frog Serpent
Fruca Caterpillar Worm/Insect
Fuchs Fox Beast
Fucus Bee Worm/Insect
Fulica Coot Bird
Fundibula Fundula Fish
Fundula Fundula Fish A fish that is never seen at the water surface
Furfurio Furfurio Bird A bird that feeds on flour
Furion Mole Beast
Furione Furionz Beast
Furionus Furionz Beast
Furionz Furionz Beast A lustful beast
Furioz Furionz Beast
Furmi Ant Worm/Insect
Furnicz Ant Worm/Insect
Furo Mole Beast
Furone Mole Beast
Furonem Ferret Beast
Furunculus Ferret Beast
Furunculus Ferret Beast
Fycedula Figpecker Bird
Gal Cock Bird
Galalca Galalca Fish A sea monster that pulls her fetus out of the womb to see if it is ready
Galalea Galalca Fish
Galasca Galalca Fish
Gali Weasel Beast
Galina Hen Bird
Gallina Hen Bird
Gallinacius Cock Bird
Gallus Cock Bird
Gallus gallinaceus Cock Bird
Gallus silvester Pheasant Bird
Gamanez Catfish Fish
Gaminanes Catfish Fish
Gananes Catfish Fish
Gantes Goose Bird
Garcanez Catfish Fish
Gargalus Jay Bird
Garrulus Jay Bird
Gat Goat Beast
Geai Jay Bird
Gedrosi Zedrosis Fish
Geier Vulture Bird
Geneca Genetha Beast
Genet Genetha Beast
Genetha Genetha Beast A black and crimson beast that stays in low places
Genitocatus Genetha Beast
Gerahav Zerahav Bird
Gestrudus Gosturdus Bird
Gilon Chylon Fish
Ginetha Genetha Beast
Ginetta Genetha Beast
Giraffe Giraffe Beast A beast that looks like a camel but has the spots of a leopard
Girfalcus Falcon Bird
Girfalus Falcon Bird
Gladius Swordfish Fish
Glamanez Catfish Fish
Glanis Catfish Fish
Glaucus Glaucus Fish A white fish that appears on cloudy days
Gleþu Kite Bird
Glires Dormouse Beast
Glis Dormouse Beast
Glotta Glutis Beast
Glottis Glutis Beast
Glow-worm Glow-worm Worm/Insect An insect that gives off light
Glutis Glutis Beast A bird with a long tongue
Gnat Gnat Worm/Insect An insect that sucks blood
Goat Goat Beast An animal that likes to live on high mountains
Goatsucker Nightjar Bird
Gobio Gudgeon Fish
Gobione Gudgeon Fish
Gobius Gudgeon Fish
Gobro Gudgeon Fish
Goby Gudgeon Fish
Golden Fleece Golden Fleece Fish A shellfish that produces a golden wool
Goldfinch Goldfinch Bird A bird that eats thorns and thistles
Golondrina Swallow Bird
Gonger Eel Fish
Goose Goose Bird Geese can smell the odor of man better than any other animal can
Gopil Fox Beast
Gostrudus Gosturdus Bird
Gosturdus Gosturdus Bird A bird that flies like a wave
Goui Gudgeon Fish
Goupil Fox Beast
Gourpil Fox Beast
Gourpius Fox Beast
Gracocenderius Gracocenderon Bird
Gracocenderon Gracocenderon Bird A chaste bird that has sex only once a year
Gracocendion Gracocenderon Bird
Graconcenteron Gracocenderon Bird
Graculus Jackdaw Bird
Gradipes Bustard Bird
Gragalus Jackdaw Bird
Gragulo Jackdaw Bird
Gragulo Jay Bird
Granus Uranoscopus Fish
Grenouille Frog Serpent
Gresillon Cricket Worm/Insect
Gresselus Weasel Beast
Grey Mullet Mullet Fish
Gricis Griffin Beast
Grifes Griffin Beast
Griffe Griffin Beast
Griffin Griffin Beast A beast with the body of a lion and the wings and head of an eagle
Griffon Griffin Beast
Grifon Griffin Beast
Grillon Cricket Worm/Insect
Grillus Cricket Worm/Insect
Gripes Griffin Beast
Griphe Griffin Beast
Gripon Griffin Beast
Grisiae Goose Bird
Gronco Crab Fish
Grouse Grouse Bird A bird that lives in Germany that can be eaten
Grua Crane Bird
Grue Crane Bird
Grundo Sea-swallow Fish
Grus Crane Bird
Gryphes Griffin Beast
Gryphon Griffin Beast
Gudgeon Gudgeon Fish A small fish that feeds in sandy-bottomed waters
Guenon Ape Beast
Guesseles Weasel Beast
Guessides Weasel Beast
Guessules Weasel Beast
Guestices Weasel Beast
Guestices Weasel Beast
Guivre Viper Serpent
Gull Gull Bird A bird that lives on land and water and flies in the air
Gundubula Fundula Fish
Gupil Fox Beast
Gurgulio Weevil Worm/Insect
Gyrfalcon Falcon Bird
Haane Ahanes Beast
Habatue Mullet Fish
Habitue Mullet Fish
Haedus Goat Beast
Haedus He-goat Beast
Haemorrhois Asp Serpent
Hahane Mullet Fish
Hahane Stag Beast
Hahune Mullet Fish
Halcyon Kingfisher Bird
Haliaeetus Osprey Bird
Haliaetos Osprey Bird
Hallec Allec Fish
Hamger Haniger Fish
Hamio Amia Fish
Hamius Amia Fish
Hamraham Vulture Bird
Hamster Hamster Beast The European hamster
Haniger Haniger Fish A fish with a long red beak instead of a mouth
Hanigero Haniger Fish
Hare Hare Beast A timid beast that runs fast
Hare-foot Ptarmigan Bird
Haren Sea-dragon Fish
Harpy Harpy Bird A fierce bird with a human head
Harpy Manticore Beast
Harpyia Harpy Bird
Hart Stag Beast
Haudyon Dragon Serpent
Hawk Hawk Bird The hawk has great courage in a small body
He-goat He-goat Beast A beast so hot that its blood dissolves diamond
Head worm Emigraneus Worm/Insect
Hedgehog Hedgehog Beast A beast that carries away grapes on its sharp quills
Hedus Goat Beast
Heifer Cow Beast
Helcus Seal Fish
Helfant Elephant Beast
Heliodromos Heliodromos Bird A bird that flies following the sun
Hemchires Bonnacon Beast
Hemtra Hemtra Beast Very small animals in Germany
Hen Hen Bird Hens become weak because their chicks are weak
Hercine Hercinia Bird
Hercinia Hercinia Bird A bird with brightly glowing feathers
Heriçon Hedgehog Beast
Hericus Hedgehog Beast
Herinacius Hedgehog Beast
Herinanus Hedgehog Beast
Herinatuus Hedgehog Beast
Herison Hedgehog Beast
Hermatius Hedgehog Beast
Herodion Coot Bird
Herodius Falcon Bird
Herodius Heron Bird
Heron Heron Bird A bird wise above all others
Hert Stag Beast
Herudio Swallow Bird
Hibice Ibis Bird
Hibicis Ibis Bird
Hidris Hydrus Serpent
Hiema Hyena Beast
Hiena Hyena Beast
Hienne Hyena Beast
Hierne Hyena Beast
Hînam Hyena Beast
Hinnulus Mule Beast
Hinny Mule Beast
Hinulus Stag Beast
Hippocampus Sea-horse Fish
Hippocampus Water-horse Beast
Hippocentaurus Centaur Beast
Hippopotamus Hippopotamus Beast A large beast called the river horse
Hircus He-goat Beast
Hirichons Hedgehog Beast
Hirondelle Swallow Bird
Hirundine Swallow Bird
Hirundo Swallow Bird
Hirundo maris Sea-swallow Fish
Histrix Porcupine Beast
Homocentauro Onocentaur Beast
Honager Onager Beast
Honicorn Unicorn Beast
Honocentauris Onocentaur Beast
Honocentaurus Onocentaur Beast
Hoopoe Hoopoe Bird The young care for their elderly parents
Hornet Hornet Worm/Insect Hornets are born from the flesh of the horse
Horse Horse Beast A horse is a horse, of course, of course...
Horse-fly Horse-fly Worm/Insect A stinging insect associanted with cattle
Hound Dog Beast
Hraban Raven Bird
Hreindyri Reindeer Beast
Hualr Whale Fish
Huen Owl Bird
Huerans Owl Bird
Huhan Owl Bird
Hupe Hoopoe Bird
Hupelot Hoopoe Bird
Huple Hoopoe Bird
Huppe Hoopoe Bird
Hupupa Hoopoe Bird
Huso Sturgeon Fish
Hval Whale Fish
Hyaena Hyena Beast
Hybex Ibex Beast
Hybice Ibex Beast
Hybis Ibis Bird
Hybrida Ibrida Beast
Hydra Hydra Serpent A multi-headed serpent
Hydros Hydros Serpent A water snake that makes those bitten swell up
Hydrus Hydrus Serpent The enemy of the crocodile, which it kills from the inside
Hyena Hyena Beast A beast that eats human corpses and changes sex
Hyene Hyena Beast
Hynde Stag Beast
Hynnuli Mule Beast
Hypnalis Asp Serpent
Hypocentaurus Centaur Beast
Hyrchon Hedgehog Beast
Hyrcus He-goat Beast
Hyreçon Hedgehog Beast
Hyrundine maris Sea-swallow Fish
Hyrundo Swallow Bird
Hyrundo maris Sea-swallow Fish
Hystrix Porcupine Beast
Iacolum Jaculus Serpent
Iaculum Jaculus Serpent
Iaculus Jaculus Serpent
Iaye Jay Bird
Ibex Ibex Beast A beast with horns so strong they can save it from a fall
Ibex Ibis Bird
Ibida Ibrida Beast
Ibide Ibis Bird
Ibis Ibis Bird The dirtiest of birds because it feeds on corpses
Ibos Anthus Bird
ibou Owl Bird
Iboz Anthus Bird
Ibrida Ibrida Beast The genus of hybrid animals
Ichneumon Ichneumon Serpent An enemy of the snake
Icticorax Owl Bird
Icynus Sea-urchin Fish
Idra Hydra Serpent
Idres Hydrus Serpent
Idria Hydrus Serpent
Iena Hyena Beast
Igel Hedgehog Beast
Igena Hyena Beast
Ilerion Alerion Bird
Iles Ibex Beast
Illicinus Illicinus Serpent A serpent that lives in scarlet oak trees
Incendula Crow Bird
Indian Stone Indian Stone Stone A stone that can cure the illness called dropsy
Intures Bonnacon Beast
Involvolus Caterpillar Worm/Insect
Ipnaipis Asp Serpent
Ipnalis Asp Serpent
Ipodromus Hippopotamus Beast
Ipostamus Hippopotamus Beast
Ipotamus Hippopotamus Beast
Ipothamus Hippopotamus Beast
Ippotamus Hippopotamus Beast
Ipsida Isida Bird
Iptalus Asp Serpent
Iraingne Spider Worm/Insect
Irondo Sea-swallow Fish
Irongleta Swallow Bird
Irundine piscis Sea-swallow Fish
irundo Swallow Bird
Irundo Sea-swallow Fish
Irundo maris Sea-swallow Fish
Irundo piscis Sea-swallow Fish
Isida Isida Bird A small bird with beautifully colored feathers
Isopigis Wagtail Bird
Isox Pike Fish
Istrix Porcupine Beast
Ivuenca Bull Beast
Jackdaw Jackdaw Bird The jackdaw is a noisy bird
Jaculus Jaculus Serpent A flying serpent
Javelin-snake Jaculus Serpent
Javelot Jaculus Serpent
Jay Jay Bird A very noisy bird
Juvencus Bull Beast
Kaladre Caladrius Bird
Kaladrio Caladrius Bird
Kalandre Caladrius Bird
Kalaos Mullet Fish
Kalaoz Mullet Fish
Kalas Mullet Fish
Karabo Lobster Fish
Karcolas Cuckoo Bird
Karkolas Cuckoo Bird
Karkolaz Cuckoo Bird
Karolas Cuckoo Bird
Katobleps Catoblepas Beast
Kedusuduras Andrius Serpent
Khilon Chylon Fish
Kices Kyches Bird
Kiches Kyches Bird
Kid Goat Beast
Kiligo Cuttlefish Fish
Kiliodromos Heliodromos Bird
Kilion Kylion Fish
Killer Whale Orca Fish
Kiloc Kylok Fish
Kilos Kylok Fish
Kim Kim Bird A bird that cares for her own chicks and those of other birds
Kingfisher Kingfisher Bird A bird that calms sea storms
Kingfisher Martineta Bird
Kite Kite Bird A rapacious bird that feeds on carrion
Kocodrillum Crocodile Beast
Kokatris Basilisk Serpent
Kokedrill Crocodile Beast
Koketrice Basilisk Serpent
Koki Seal Fish
Koky Seal Fish
Koli Seal Fish
Komor Komor Bird A bird that lays eggs five or six times a year
Krahe Crow Bird
Kuive Jackdaw Bird
Kuligo Cuttlefish Fish
Kyces Kyches Bird
Kyches Kyches Bird A bird that cries with a different voice almost every day
Kyliodomos Heliodromos Bird
Kyliodromos Heliodromos Bird
Kylion Kylion Fish A fish with its spleen and liver in reversed positions
Kylok Kylok Fish A fish that clings to rocks and eats whatever passes
Kylon Chylon Fish
Kylos Kylok Fish
Kyloz Kylok Fish
Kym Kim Bird
Kyrii Vulture Bird
Kythes Kyches Bird
L'homme sauvage Wild Man Beast
Lacerta Lizard Serpent
Lachta Lacta Beast
Lacovie testudo Whale Fish
Lacta Lacta Beast A small beast that lives in tombs
Lactis Lizard Serpent
Lagopes Ptarmigan Bird
Lagopus Ptarmigan Bird
Lagosta Locust Worm/Insect
Lagus Ptarmigan Bird
Lamb Lamb Beast The lamb knows its own parents by their voice
Lamia Lamia Beast A stealer and killer of children
Lamina Lamia Beast
Lammergeier Vulture Bird
Lamprey Eel Fish
Lamproie Eel Fish
Lampyrides Glow-worm Worm/Insect
Lanficus Silkworm Worm/Insect
Langouste Lobster Fish
Lanifer Silkworm Worm/Insect
Lanificus Silkworm Worm/Insect
Lansani Lanzani Beast
Lanzani Lanzani Beast A cruel beast that attacks any animal not of its own kind
Lapide Indico Indian Stone Stone
Lapide senditichos Indian Stone Stone
Lapides igniferi Fire Stones Stone
Lapides piroboli Fire Stones Stone
Lapis adamantius Diamond Stone
Lapis indicus Indian Stone Stone
Lapis magnis Magnet Stone
Lapis senditicho Indian Stone Stone
Lapwynche Hoopoe Bird
Lark Lark Bird A singing bird
Laro Gull Bird
Larus Gull Bird
Laudolathra Ludolacra Fish
Lauris Gull Bird
Laurus Gull Bird
Lauzani Lanzani Beast
Lauzanum Lanzani Beast
Lauzany Lanzani Beast
Lazani Lanzani Beast
Leech Leech Worm/Insect A blood sucking aquatic worm
Leena Lion Beast
Lentocrota Leucrota Beast
Lentroca Leucrota Beast
Leo Lion Beast
Leocofana Leontophone Beast
Leocophana Leontophone Beast
Leocrota Leucrota Beast
Leonchofona Leontophone Beast
Leonchofona Leucrota Beast
Leoncofonos Leontophone Beast
Leonconphona Leontophone Beast
Leontofona Leontophone Beast
Leontofone Leontophone Beast
Leontofonos Leontophone Beast
Leontophone Leontophone Beast A small beast that is deadly to lions
Leopard Leopard Beast The offspring of a mating between a lion and a pard
Leopardus Leopard Beast
Lepelaar Spoonbill Bird
Lepelar Spoonbill Bird
Lepelars Spoonbill Bird
Lepellare Spoonbill Bird
Lepellears Spoonbill Bird
Lepeller Spoonbill Bird
Lepellers Spoonbill Bird
Lepore Hare Beast
Lepore marinus Sea-hare Fish
Lepus Hare Beast
Lepus marinus Sea-hare Fish
Lepus marinus Sea-hare Fish
Lesard Lizard Serpent
Leu Wolf Beast
Leucrocota Leucrota Beast
Leucrocotha Leucrota Beast
Leucrocuta Leucrota Beast
Leucrota Leucrota Beast A composite beast with a mouth that stretches from ear to ear
Leun Lion Beast
Leus Wolf Beast
Leviathan Leviathan Serpent An enormous sea-dragon
Liberd Leopard Beast
Licaon Lycaon Beast
Lice Louse Worm/Insect
Licisca Lycisca Beast
Licisci Lycisca Beast
Licorne Unicorn Beast
Liepart Leopard Beast
Lièvre Hare Beast
Lignorum vermes Woodworm Worm/Insect
Limace Slug Worm/Insect
Limax Slug Worm/Insect
Linachos Linachos Bird A bird like an eagle that rejects inferior chicks
Linacos Linachos Bird
Linche Lynx Beast
Lincis Lynx Beast
Lincisius Lincisius Beast The offspring of a male dog and a female wolf
Linsio Lincisius Beast
Linsio Lynx Beast
Linsius Lincisius Beast
Linsius Lynx Beast
Lintiscus Lincisius Beast
Lintisius Lincisius Beast
Linx Lynx Beast
Lion Lion Beast The lion is the king of the beasts
Lion killer Leontophone Beast
Lizard Lizard Serpent When the lizard goes blind, it looks to the rising sun
Lobster Lobster Fish A fish that fights with its kind, battering them like rams
Locust Locust Worm/Insect An insect with long legs
Locusta Locust Worm/Insect
Locusta maris Lobster Fish
Lodestone Magnet Stone
Loir Dormouse Beast
Loligo Cuttlefish Fish
Lolligenes Cuttlefish Fish
Lolligines Cuttlefish Fish
Lolligo Cuttlefish Fish
Lonsignous Nightingale Bird
Lop Wolf Beast
Lother Otter Beast
Lotter Otter Beast
Lou Wolf Beast
Loup Wolf Beast
Louse Louse Worm/Insect A pest that can be repelled with mercury and oil
Lousegnol Nightingale Bird
Love cervere Panther Beast
Löwe Lion Beast
Lozanum Lanzani Beast
Luci Pike Fish
Lucidi Hercinia Bird
Lucidiae Hercinia Bird
Lucidius Hercinia Bird
Lucina Nightingale Bird
Lucius piscis Pike Fish
Lucolathra Ludolacra Fish
Ludolachra Ludolacra Fish
Ludolacra Ludolacra Fish A fish with four fins that moves swiftly
Ludolathra Ludolacra Fish
Luligine Cuttlefish Fish
Luligo Cuttlefish Fish
Lulligo Cuttlefish Fish
Lumbricus Worm Worm/Insect
Lumerpe Hercinia Bird
Lunacos Linachos Bird
Lup Wolf Beast
Lupum Pike Fish
Lupus Wolf Beast
Lupus piscis Pike Fish
Luscinia Nightingale Bird
Luter Otter Beast
Luther Otter Beast
Lutro Otter Beast
Luvecerviere Hyena Beast
Lycaon Lycaon Beast A wolf-like beast with multi-colored fur
Lycisca Lycisca Beast A hybrid of a wolf and a dog
Lymax Slug Worm/Insect
Lynachos Linachos Bird
Lynx Lynx Beast The urine of the lynx hardens into a precious stone
Lyon Lion Beast
Magnales Magnales Bird Large birds of the East that eat fish
Magnet Magnet Stone Magnet or lodestone attracts iron
Magnetstein Magnet Stone
Magpie Magpie Bird The magpie has a voice which can express words with distinct sounds
Malshave Caterpillar Worm/Insect
Malshrag Caterpillar Worm/Insect
Mammonetus Mammonetus Beast A kind of monkey
Mamonetus Mammonetus Beast
Manacora Manticore Beast
Mandagloire Mandrake Plant
Mandragora Mandrake Plant
Mandrake Mandrake Plant A plant that shrieks when it is pulled from the earth
Manotethus Mammonetus Beast
Mantichora Manticore Beast
Manticora Manticore Beast
Manticore Manticore Beast A beast with a man's face, a lion's body, and the stinger of a scorpion
Margaris Megaris Fish
Margarita Pearl-oyster Fish
Mari vituli Seal Fish
Maricomorion Manticore Beast
Maricon morion Manticore Beast
Marsouin Dolphin Fish
Martarus Martin Beast
Martes Martin Beast
Martigora Manticore Beast
Martikoras Manticore Beast
Martin Ferret Beast
Martin Martin Beast An animal that is common in Ireland
Martinarus Martin Beast
Martinet-pêcheur Martineta Bird
Martineta Martineta Bird A bird that does not decay when dead
Martinete Martineta Bird
Masenghe Titmouse Bird
Mauca Meauce Bird
Mauricomenon Manticore Beast
Mauricomorion Manticore Beast
Mauricomorios Manticore Beast
Meance Meauce Bird
Meaucae Meauce Bird
Meauce Meauce Bird A bird that likes human corpses
Megaris Megaris Fish A fish when salted and exported demands a high price
Megaro Megaris Fish
Megarus Megaris Fish
Melachoriphus Melancoriphus Bird
Melancorfus Melancoriphus Bird
Melancorifus Melancoriphus Bird
Melancoriphus Melancoriphus Bird A fertile bird that lays more than twenty eggs at a time
Melancoryphus Melancoriphus Bird
Melanurus Melanurus Fish A fish with a black tail
Melo Badger Beast
Melos Badger Beast
Melot Badger Beast
Memnonides Memnonides Bird A bird that flies from Egypt to Troy every fifth year
Menedides Memnonides Bird
Mennonides Memnonides Bird
Merelus Merilliones Bird
Mereman Siren Bird
Mergarus Megaris Fish
Mergis Mergus Bird
Mergo Mergus Bird
Mergulis Mergus Bird
Mergus Mergus Bird Generic term for a sea bird
Merilic Merilliones Bird
Merilio Merilliones Bird
Merillion Merilliones Bird
Merilliones Merilliones Bird A bird like a blackbird with different feet, claws and beak
Merle Blackbird Bird
Merlin Merlin Bird A bird that breaks raven eggs
Merlo Blackbird Bird
Mermaid Mermaid Fish A creature half human, half fish
Mermecolion Pearl-oyster Fish
Meropes Bee-eater Bird
Merops apiaster Bee-eater Bird
Merula Blackbird Bird
Mesange Titmouse Bird
Mesenge Titmouse Bird
Migale Ferret Beast
Migale Shrew Beast
Milagor Millago Fish
Milan Kite Bird
Miliares Miliares Serpent A serpent with a yellow coloration that resembles millet
Millago Millago Fish A fish that flies over water
Millet snake Miliares Serpent
Millipede Millipede Worm/Insect A worm with a multitude of feet
Milvo Kite Bird
Milvus Kite Bird
Mirdromel Bittern Bird
Mire Ant Worm/Insect
Mirmicaleon Ant-lion Beast
Mirmicioleon Ant-lion Beast
Mirmutalcon Ant-lion Beast
Mola Sunfish Fish
Mole Mole Beast A blind animal that lives in the earth
Mollosus Molosus Beast
Molocius Molosus Beast
Molosso Molosus Beast
Molossus Molosus Beast
Molosus Molosus Beast A large and aggresive beast that is afraid of children
Monachi maris Sea-monk Fish
Monachis Sea-monk Fish
Monachos maris Sea-monk Fish
Monachus maris Sea-monk Fish
Monapus Bonnacon Beast
Monedula Jackdaw Bird
Monk of the sea Sea-monk Fish
Monkfish Sea-monk Fish
Monocentaurus Centaur Beast
Monocentaurus Onocentaur Beast
Monoceros Monocerus Beast
Monoceros Narwhal Fish
Monocerus Monocerus Beast A fierce beast with a single long horn
Monocheros Monocerus Beast
Monocheros Narwhal Fish
Monocrete Monocerus Beast
Monops Bonnacon Beast
Monotheros Narwhal Fish
Moose Elk Beast
Mora Echeneis Fish
Moray Eel Fish
Morfex Morplex Bird
Morpex Morplex Bird
Morplex Morplex Bird A swift bird that dives to catch eels in the water
Morplice Morplex Bird
Mostela Weasel Beast
Mostoille Weasel Beast
Motacilla Wagtail Bird
Moth Moth Worm/Insect An insect that cannot bear the light
Mouche Gnat Worm/Insect
Mouche à miel Bee Worm/Insect
Moucheron Gnat Worm/Insect
Mouse Mouse Beast A small animal that is born from the soil
Moustoile Weasel Beast
Mugilis Mullet Fish
Mugilus Mullet Fish
Mulagine Millago Fish
Mulago Millago Fish
Mule Mule Beast Mules come from the unnatural mating of a female horse and a male ass
Muliere marina Mermaid Fish
Mullet Mullet Fish An agile fish of the Mediterranean
Mullus Mullet Fish
Multipede Centipede Worm/Insect
Multipede Octopus Fish
Multipes Centipede Worm/Insect
Multipes Millipede Worm/Insect
Multipes Octopus Fish
Multiplites Centipede Worm/Insect
Mulus Mule Beast
Mulus Mullet Fish
Muraena Muraena Fish A fish that twists itself in circles
Mure marino Sea-mouse Fish
Murena Muraena Fish
Murenula Muraena Fish
Mures Mouse Beast
Murex Sea-snail Fish
Muribus Cat Beast
Murica Sea-snail Fish
Murice Sea-snail Fish
Muriceps Cat Beast
Murilegus Cat Beast
Murmicaleon Ant-lion Beast
Mus Mouse Beast
Mus araneus Shrew Beast
Mus marinus Sea-mouse Fish
Musca Fly Worm/Insect
Musca canina Dog-fly Worm/Insect
Muscaliet Muscaliet Beast A beast with the body of a hare, tail of a squirrel, teeth of a boar
Muscicape Flycatcher Bird
Muscicapis Flycatcher Bird
Muscio Cat Beast
Musculus Mussel Fish
Musio Cat Beast
Musquelibet Musquelibet Beast An animal that produces musk
Musquellibet Musquelibet Beast
Mussel Mussel Fish A shellfish that serves as the male for oysters
Mustele Weasel Beast
Mustelete Weasel Beast
Mustella Weasel Beast
Mustiones Bibiones Worm/Insect
Mygale Ferret Beast
Mygale Shrew Beast
Myllago Millago Fish
Myrmecoleon Ant-lion Beast
Nabun Giraffe Beast
Nachtraben Owl Bird
Nadera Naderos Serpent
Naderos Naderos Serpent A serpent of Germany that infects people and swords with its poison
Naders Naderos Serpent
Nadrix Natrix Serpent
Narce Torpedo Fish
Narcos Torpedo Fish
Narwhal Narwhal Fish A fish with a single long horn on its head
Nase Nase Fish A fish of the Danube River with bulky snout
Nasus Nase Fish
Natilus Nautilus Fish
Natrix Natrix Serpent A snake that contaminates water
Naucilus Nautilus Fish
Nauthilus Nautilus Fish
Nautilus Nautilus Fish A fish that raises a thin mambrane like a sail
Necticorax Owl Bird
Neddre Snake Serpent
Neirides Nereid Fish
Neomen Ichneumon Serpent
Neomon Ichneumon Serpent
Nepa Snipe Bird
Nereid Nereid Fish A fish with the appearance of a hairy human
Nereides Nereid Fish
Neriedes Nereid Fish
Newt Newt Serpent A lizard with spots like stars on its back
Nicticorax Owl Bird
Nightingale Nightingale Bird A bird that that sings so enthusiastically that it almost dies
Nightjar Nightjar Bird A bird the sucks milk from the udders of goats
Nightowl Owl Bird
Nilpferd Hippopotamus Beast
Nisis Hawk Bird
Nisus Hawk Bird
Nisus Hawk Bird
Nisus Hawk Bird
Noctecorace Owl Bird
Nocticora Heron Bird
Nocticorace Owl Bird
Noctiluca Glow-worm Worm/Insect
Noctua Heron Bird
Noctua Owl Bird
none Zerahav Bird
Nycticorax Owl Bird
Nyghtyngal Nightingale Bird
Nysus Hawk Bird
Obites Ophites Serpent
Obtalius Asp Serpent
Obytes Ophites Serpent
Oceloe Pearl-oyster Fish
Octopus Octopus Fish A very clever sea fisher and very clever at deceiving others
Odobenus Walrus Fish
Odonata Dragonfly Worm/Insect
Oestrus Horse-fly Worm/Insect
Ofites Ophites Serpent
Oie Goose Bird
Oleus Seal Fish
Olifant Elephant Beast
Olor Swan Bird
Olyfanz Elephant Beast
Olyphant Elephant Beast
Omeris Asp Serpent
Onacrocallus Bittern Bird
Onager Onager Beast A wild ass that can predict the coming of the equinox
Onagher Onager Beast
Onagro Onager Beast
Onocentaur Onocentaur Beast A beast with the upper body of a man and the lower body of an ass
Onocentaurus Onocentaur Beast
Onocracalo Bittern Bird
Onocratulus Bittern Bird
Onocrotallus Bittern Bird
Onocrotalus Bittern Bird
Onocrotulus Bittern Bird
Onos Sea-ass Fish
Onoscentaurus Onocentaur Beast
Ophiomachus Opimacus Worm/Insect
Ophites Ophites Serpent A serpent the color of sand
Opimacus Opimacus Worm/Insect A worm that is skilled in fighting snakes
Opinaco Opimacus Worm/Insect
Opinacum Opimacus Worm/Insect
Opinacus Opimacus Worm/Insect
Opupa Hoopoe Bird
Opymachus Opimacus Worm/Insect
Orabus Giraffe Beast
Orafius Giraffe Beast
Oraflus Giraffe Beast
Oralfus Giraffe Beast
Orbegelina Snipe Bird
Orca Orca Fish A large whale that preys on other whales
Orcha Orca Fish
Orcigometus Orcigometus Bird A kind of hawk
Orice Oryx Beast
Oriole Oriole Bird A bird that is gold all over
Oriolis Oriole Bird
Orix Oryx Beast
Orospo Frog Serpent
Orphan Bird Orphan Bird Bird The mother bird knows which of her eggs contain the best offspring
Orphanay Orphan Bird Bird
Orso Bear Beast
Ortigas Quail Bird
Ortygas Quail Bird
Ortygometra Quail Bird
Orygem Oryx Beast
Oryoli Oriole Bird
Oryx Oryx Beast A beast of the dry African desert
Osina Pelican Bird
Osprey Osprey Bird Ospreys are smaller than eagles but larger than hawks
Ossifiagus Osprey Bird
Ostrea Pearl-oyster Fish
Ostree Pearl-oyster Fish
Ostreis Pearl-oyster Fish
Ostria Pearl-oyster Fish
Ostrice Ostrich Bird
Ostrich Ostrich Bird A bird that can digest anything, even iron, but is careless of its eggs
Ostrisobe Ostrich Bird
Ostrisse Ostrich Bird
Ostruche Ostrich Bird
Othus Owl Bird
Otter Otter Beast A cunning and mischievous animal living around ponds and rivers
Ours Bear Beast
Ovis Sheep Beast
Owl Owl Bird The owl is a dirty bird that prefers darkness to light
Ox Ox Beast The ox is a strong beast that can predict the weather
Paceas Parias Serpent
Pagasus Pegasus Beast
Pagro Pagrus Fish
Pagrus Bream Fish
Pagrus Pagrus Fish A fish with hard teeth
Pairas Parias Serpent
Palaes Mullet Fish
Palm Tree Palm Tree Plant Palm tree
Palma Palm Tree Plant
Palubus Wood-dove Bird
Palumbes Wood-dove Bird
Palumme Wood-dove Bird
Pandher Panther Beast
Panteire Panther Beast
Pantera Panther Beast
Pantere Panther Beast
Panther Panther Beast A gentle, multicolored beast whose only enemy is the dragon
Panthera Panther Beast
Paon Peacock Bird
Paon Peahen Bird
Papagal Parrot Bird
Papegai Parrot Bird
Papegault Parrot Bird
Papegaut Parrot Bird
Papegay Parrot Bird
Papilia Papiones Beast
Papilio Butterfly Worm/Insect
Papilio Papiones Beast
Papiliones Butterfly Worm/Insect
Papilionibus Butterfly Worm/Insect
Papio Papiones Beast
Papiones Papiones Beast A beast larger than a fox that howls like a wolf
Papionibus Papiones Beast
Paradisi Paradisi Bird Called bird of paradise because of its beauty
Paradixion Peridexion Tree Plant
Paradysi Paradisi Bird
Parander Parandrus Beast
Parandrus Parandrus Beast A beast that can conceal itself by changing its appearance
Pard Pard Beast A swift and deadly beast that kills with a single leap
Pardalo Giraffe Beast
Pardus Pard Beast
Pareas Parias Serpent
Parias Parias Serpent A serpent that walks on its tail
Parrot Parrot Bird A talking bird with a very hard beak
Partridge Partridge Bird A deceitful bird that steals other birds' eggs
Passer Sparrow Bird
Passer solitarius Sparrow Bird
Pastero Asp Serpent
Pathio Pathius Beast
Pathius Pathius Beast A beast with a body colored like blood
Pavo Peacock Bird
Pavo Peahen Bird
Pavus piscis Sea-peacock Fish
Peacock Peacock Bird A bird with a terrible voice and flesh too hard to cook
Peagrus Bream Fish
Peahen Peahen Bird Female peafowl, with a less magnificent tail
Pearl-oyster Pearl-oyster Fish Pearls are produced by a the oyster
Pectines Scallop Fish
Pediculis Louse Worm/Insect
Pediculis Louse Worm/Insect
Pegasus Pegasus Beast A beast that is part horse, part bird
Pelican Pelican Bird A bird that revives its dead young with its own blood
Pelicanus Pelican Bird
Pelikan Pelican Bird
Pellecano Pelican Bird
Pelliquecanus Pelican Bird
Pelus Wild Man Beast
Pendens Peridexion Tree Plant
Perdiç Partridge Bird
Perdicibus Partridge Bird
Perdix Partridge Bird
Perdrice Partridge Bird
Perdrix Partridge Bird
Perdriz Partridge Bird
Peredixion Peridexion Tree Plant
Peredixion Peridexion Tree Plant
Peridexion Tree Peridexion Tree Plant A tree in India that attracts doves and repels dragons
Perindens Peridexion Tree Plant
Perindex Peridexion Tree Plant
Perla Pearl-oyster Fish
Perna Perna Fish A shellfish that produces the colors yellow and red
Pertris Partridge Bird
Pester Asp Serpent
Pestero Asp Serpent
Pestre Asp Serpent
Petris Partridge Bird
Phagris Bream Fish
Phalangia Spider Worm/Insect
Phalangio Spider Worm/Insect
Phalangium Spider Worm/Insect
Phalanguis Spider Worm/Insect
Phalangyae Spider Worm/Insect
Phareas Parias Serpent
Pharias Parias Serpent
Phasianus Pheasant Bird
Pheasant Pheasant Bird A bird named for the Greek island of Phasis
Phene Vulture Bird
Phénix Phoenix Bird
Philomena Nightingale Bird
Philomene Nightingale Bird
Phoca Seal Fish
Phocae Seal Fish
Phocarum Seal Fish
Phocas Seal Fish
Phocis Seal Fish
Phoenix Phoenix Bird A bird that rises anew from the ashes of its funeral pyre
Phulica Coot Bird
Phylomena Nightingale Bird
Physeter Whale Fish
Pic Magpie Bird
Pica Magpie Bird
Pices Fish Fish
Pico Woodpecker Bird
Picus Woodpecker Bird
Pierre daymant Diamond Stone
Pierteire Partridge Bird
Pig Pig Beast A filthy animal that wallows in mud
Pigart Capreola Beast
Pike Pike Fish The wolf of the sea
Pilos Kylok Fish
Pilosus Wild Man Beast
Pina Pina Fish A shellfish that tricks little fish into its shell
Pirader Parandrus Beast
Pirador Reindeer Beast
Pirander Parandrus Beast
Piroboli Fire Stones Stone
Pirolus Squirrel Beast
Piscatrix Sea-frog Fish
Piscis lepus Sea-hare Fish
Piscis monachus Sea-monk Fish
Pister Asp Serpent
Pister Whale Fish
Pistris Whale Fish
Pitorius Squirrel Beast
Pivert Woodpecker Bird
Plantauista Dolphin Fish
Platalea Spoonbill Bird
Platanista Dolphin Fish
Plataniste Dolphin Fish
Platea Spoonbill Bird
Platea Spoonbill Bird
Plombino Dove Bird
Plover Plover Bird A bird that lives on nothing but air
Plumales Plover Bird
Pluviales Plover Bird
Pluvialibus Plover Bird
Pluvialis Plover Bird
Polcat Polecat Beast
Polecat Polecat Beast A weasel-like animal with a strong smell
Poledro Horse Beast
Polipo Octopus Fish
Polipus Octopus Fish
Polligo Cuttlefish Fish
Polmorarius Sea-stag Fish
Polyp Octopus Fish
Polypus Octopus Fish
Popinjay Parrot Bird
Porc Pig Beast
Porc-épic Porcupine Beast
Porc espy Porcupine Beast
Porco Sea-pig Fish
Porcupine Porcupine Beast An animal that has quills or spines
Porcus Pig Beast
Porcus marinus Sea-pig Fish
Porcus spinosus Porcupine Beast
Porfirio Porphirio Bird
Porfirion Porphirio Bird
Porphirio Porphirio Bird A bird that one webbed foot and one clawed foot
Porphirion Porphirio Bird
Porphurio Porphirio Bird
Porphyrio Porphirio Bird
Pou Louse Worm/Insect
Pouil Louse Worm/Insect
Presitacus Parrot Bird
Prester Asp Serpent
Prestero Asp Serpent
Prestre Asp Serpent
Pridex Peridexion Tree Plant
Psittacus Parrot Bird
Psytaco Parrot Bird
Psytacus Parrot Bird
Ptarmigan Ptarmigan Bird A bird with tufts of feathers on its feet, like the fur on hare feet
Puce Flea Worm/Insect
Pulices Flea Worm/Insect
Pungicius Pungitivus Fish
Pungitius Pungitivus Fish
Pungitivus Pungitivus Fish A stinging fish that generates other fish
Puppupe Hoopoe Bird
Purple-fish Sea-snail Fish
Purpure Sea-snail Fish
Purpuree Sea-snail Fish
Purpuris Sea-snail Fish
Putacione Polecat Beast
Putorio Polecat Beast
Putorius Polecat Beast
Pyca Magpie Bird
Pycus Woodpecker Bird
Pye Magpie Bird
Pylosus Wild Man Beast
Pyna Pina Fish
Pyrandus Parandrus Beast
Pyrolus Squirrel Beast
Pyster Whale Fish
Quail Quail Bird Quails cannot be eaten, because they feed on poisonous seeds
Rabbit Rabbit Beast A wild beast hunted by dogs
Rafanay Orphan Bird Bird
Rainne Frog Serpent
Rais Ray Fish
Raithe Ray Fish
Ram Ram Beast Rams were the first animals to be sacrificed on alters
Rana Frog Serpent
Rana maris Sea-frog Fish
Rana piscis Sea-frog Fish
Ranam Frog Serpent
Randola Swallow Bird
Rangifer Reindeer Beast
Rangiver Reindeer Beast
Rangyfer Reindeer Beast
Rani Frog Serpent
Raredumle Bittern Bird
Ras Rat Beast
Rat Rat Beast An oversized mouse
Ratte Rat Beast
Rattus Rat Beast
Raven Raven Bird The raven will not accept its young until their feathers turn black
Ray Ray Fish A flatfish with a long deadly stinger
Rayne Frog Serpent
Raythae Ray Fish
Rebhuhn Partridge Bird
Red Mullet Mullet Fish
Regulus Basilisk Serpent
Reiher Heron Bird
Reindeer Reindeer Beast A strong animal with three rows of horns on its head
Remora Echeneis Fish
Renne Reindeer Beast
Renoce Monocerus Beast
Reremouse Bat Bird
Reynder Reindeer Beast
Rhinoceros Monocerus Beast
Rhinoceros Unicorn Beast
Rhombus Turbot Fish
Riches Kyches Bird
Ricinus Tick Worm/Insect
Riçz Hedgehog Beast
Rimatrix Natrix Serpent
Rinatrix Natrix Serpent
Rinocerota Monocerus Beast
Rinocerus Unicorn Beast
River Hawk Osprey Bird
River Horse Hippopotamus Beast
Rochen Ray Fish
Roe Goat Beast
Roe Deer Capreola Beast
Roebuck Capreola Beast
Rombus Turbot Fish
Rondine Swallow Bird
Rooster Cock Bird
Roserula Weasel Beast
Roserulae Weasel Beast
Rosignol Nightingale Bird
Rospo Frog Serpent
Rousignol Nightingale Bird
Roussignol Nightingale Bird
Roxignols Cricket Worm/Insect
Rubeta Frog Serpent
Rucela Rutela Serpent
Rumbo Turbot Fish
Rumbus Turbot Fish
Rutela Rutela Serpent A serpent that is useful in medicine
Ryches Kyches Bird
Rymatrix Natrix Serpent
Rynatrix Natrix Serpent
Rynoceron Monocerus Beast
Rynocerote Monocerus Beast
Rynocerote Unicorn Beast
Sabrin Asfodius Serpent
Sabryn Asfodius Serpent
Sagitair Centaur Beast
Sagitarius Centaur Beast
Saipula Tapula Worm/Insect
Salaburra Lizard Serpent
Salamander Salamander Serpent Salamanders are so cold they can extinguish any fire
Salamandra Salamander Serpent
Salburra Lizard Serpent
Salemandre Salamander Serpent
Salmo Salmon Fish
Salmon Salmon Fish Fish that swim upstream and leap up waterfalls
Salmones Salmon Fish
Salmonibus Salmon Fish
Salmonis Salmon Fish
Salpa Salpa Fish A fish that must be beaten with a rod before it can be cooked
Salpia Salpuga Serpent
Salpiga Salpuga Serpent
Salpinga Salpuga Serpent
Salpingua Salpuga Serpent
Salpuga Salpuga Serpent A serpent that is invisible or difficult to see
Samier Thamur Worm/Insect
Sandarides Cantharis Worm/Insect
Sanglier Boar Beast
Sanguissuga Leech Worm/Insect
Sanguisuga Leech Worm/Insect
Sansue Leech Worm/Insect
Sar pisaculus Sardine Fish
Sarce Sawfish Fish
Sardae Sardine Fish
Sardina Sardine Fish
Sardine Sardine Fish A small fish
Sarra Sardine Fish
Sarra Sawfish Fish
Sarre Sawfish Fish
Satalus Scitalis Serpent
Saturos Satyr Beast
Satyr Satyr Beast An ape-like wild man
Satyrus Ape Beast
Satyrus Satyr Beast
Saunager Onager Beast
Saura Lizard Serpent
Saurus Scarus Fish
Sawfish Sawfish Fish The sawfish has enormous wings and likes to race against ships
Scabro Hornet Worm/Insect
Scabrones Hornet Worm/Insect
Scallop Scallop Fish Symbol of the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela
Scarus Scarus Fish A fish that ruminates its food
Scauro Scarus Fish
Scaurus Scarus Fish
Schlange Snake Serpent
Schnepfe Snipe Bird
Schwalbe Swallow Bird
Scie Sawfish Fish
Scilla Scylla Fish
Sciniphes Gnat Worm/Insect
Scinnocis Skink Serpent
Scitalis Scitalis Serpent A serpent with such a marvellous appearance that it stuns the viewer
Sciuri Squirrel Beast
Sciurus Squirrel Beast
Scolopendra Sea-centipede Beast
Scolopendre Sea-centipede Beast
Scolopendris Sea-centipede Beast
Scorpio Sea-scorpion Fish
Scorpio piscis Sea-scorpion Fish
Scorpion Scorpion Worm/Insect The scorpion is a worm that stings with its tail
Scorpius Scorpion Worm/Insect
Scorpius Sea-scorpion Fish
Scuatina Skate Fish
Scurulo Squirrel Beast
Scurulus Squirrel Beast
Scutina Skate Fish
Scylla Scylla Fish A vicious fish-human hybrid like a siren
Scytale Scitalis Serpent
Scytalus Scitalis Serpent
Sea-ass Sea-ass Fish The ocean equivalent of the land ass
Sea-centipede Sea-centipede Beast A sea fish the disgorges its inside to remove a hook it has swallowed
Sea-cow Sea-cow Fish The cow or bull or ox of the sea
Sea-dog Sea-dog Fish The dog of the sea
Sea-dragon Sea-dragon Fish The dragon of the sea
Sea-fox Sea-fox Fish The fox of the sea
Sea-frog Sea-frog Fish The sea-frog hides in disturbed mud to catch little fish
Sea-hare Sea-hare Fish The hare of the sea
Sea-horse Sea-horse Fish The horse of the sea
Sea-horse Water-horse Beast
Sea-monk Sea-monk Fish A fish that looks like a tonsured monk
Sea-mouse Sea-mouse Fish A fish resembling a mouse that guides whales
Sea-peacock Sea-peacock Fish A fish colored with different hues on its back and neck
Sea-pig Sea-pig Fish Sea-pigs dig up the ground under water
Sea-ram Sea-ram Fish A fish like a ram that hides under ships to drown sailors
Sea-raven Sea-raven Fish The raven of the sea
Sea-scorpion Sea-scorpion Fish The scorpion of the sea
Sea-serpent Eel Fish
Sea-serpent Sea-serpent Serpent The serpent of the sea
Sea-snail Sea-snail Fish The sea-snail produces purple dye
Sea-spider Sea-spider Fish The spider of the sea
Sea-stag Sea-stag Fish A deer of the sea that eats birds
Sea-swallow Sea-swallow Fish The swallow of the sea
Sea-turtle Sea-turtle Fish The turtle that lives in sea and has a powerful bite
Sea-urchin Sea-urchin Fish A shellfish with spines
Sea-viper Sea-viper Fish The viper of the sea
Sea-wolf Pike Fish
Sea Hawk Osprey Bird
Sea Unicorn Narwhal Fish
Seal Seal Fish The calf of the sea
Segonyge Stork Bird
Seingoingne Stork Bird
Seisetulus Amphisbaena Serpent
Seisopugis Wagtail Bird
Selache Celethi Fish
Seleucis birds Zelencides Bird
Seleukis Zelencides Bird
Selfyr Selfyr Serpent A serpent that tavels with its body on loops
Sepia Cuttlefish Fish
Seps Seps Serpent The poison of the seps consumes both body and bones
Seraine Siren Bird
Serapis Sawfish Fish
Sereine Siren Bird
Serena Siren Bird
Serf Stag Beast
Seria Sawfish Fish
Serina Siren Bird
Seronfalide Stymphalis Bird
Serpens Snake Serpent
Serpentes maris Sea-serpent Serpent
Serpentibus maris Sea-serpent Serpent
Serps Seps Serpent
Serra Mermaid Fish
Serra Sawfish Fish
Serre Sawfish Fish
Seta Seta Worm/Insect A long thin worm like a white needle
Seysetulus Amphisbaena Serpent
Sfungia Sponge Fish
Shark Sea-dog Fish
Sheep Sheep Beast The sheep is a defenceless, placid animal
Shrew Shrew Beast A kind of mouse that bites
Sibilus Basilisk Serpent
Sicula Dipsa Serpent
Signe Ape Beast
Signe Swan Bird
Silion Salamander Serpent
Silkworm Silkworm Worm/Insect Silkworms weave cloth from leaves
Silla Scylla Fish
Siluris Catfish Fish
Simia Ape Beast
Simphalides Stymphalis Bird
Sinatina Skate Fish
Sinci Skink Serpent
Sindicus Indian Stone Stone
Singe Ape Beast
Sinnocus Skink Serpent
Sinocus Skink Serpent
Sintes Hoopoe Bird
Siren Siren Bird A deadly creature, half human, half bird or fish
Siren Siren (Serpent) Serpent
Siren (Serpent) Siren (Serpent) Serpent An snake so poisonous that those bitten die before they feel pain
Sirena Siren Bird
Sirena Siren Bird
Sirene Siren Bird
Sisegoum Pelican Bird
Sisopygis Wagtail Bird
Situla Dipsa Serpent
Skate Skate Fish A fish with a rough skin used to polish wood and ivory
Skilla Scylla Fish
Skink Skink Serpent Similar to a crocodile but much smaller
Skylla Scylla Fish
Slug Slug Worm/Insect Slugs are born out of mud
Snail Snail Worm/Insect Snails live on land and in water and carry their home on their back
Snake Snake Serpent The snake crawls with hidden steps
Snepa Snipe Bird
Snipe Snipe Bird A bird that uses its long beak to dig in the earth
Soflenena Falena Beast
Solaris piscis Sunfish Fish
Sole Sole Fish A disk-shaped fish
Solia Sole Fish
Solifuga Salpuga Serpent
Solipuga Salpuga Serpent
Solipugna Salpuga Serpent
Sonneneidechse Lizard Serpent
Sora Sawfish Fish
Sorex Shrew Beast
Souris Mouse Beast
Sow Pig Beast
Spariolus Squirrel Beast
Sparo Sparus Fish
Sparrow Sparrow Bird Sparrows are swift and live in cracks in walls
Sparrowhawk Hawk Bird
Sparus Sparus Fish A fish shaped like a spear
Spectafic Asp Serpent
Spectaficus Asp Serpent
Sphinx Ape Beast
Spider Spider Worm/Insect The spider is an aerial worm that takes its nourishment from the air
Spinge Ape Beast
Spingue Ape Beast
Spinner Silkworm Worm/Insect
Spinner Spider Worm/Insect
Spinnere Spider Worm/Insect
Spoliator colubri Spoliator colubri Worm/Insect A worm that attacks snakes
Sponge Sponge Fish A fish the roots itself to rocks
Spongexxx Sponge Fish
Spongiis Sponge Fish
Spoonbill Spoonbill Bird A bird that steals fish from other sea birds
Spyncop Spider Worm/Insect
Spyncoppe Spider Worm/Insect
Squamatus Skate Fish
Squatina Skate Fish
Squatina Skate Fish
Squatus Skate Fish
Squirrel Squirrel Beast An animal that climbs trees
Srelius Trebius Fish
Stag Stag Beast A drink made from the tears of a stag is a cure for troubles of the heart
Stag-beetle Stag-beetle Worm/Insect An insect with horns on its head like a stag
Starfish Starfish Fish A fish shaped like a star
Starling Starling Bird A bird with stars on its feathers
Stelione Newt Serpent
Stella piscis Starfish Fish
Stellio Newt Serpent
Stellio Salamander Serpent
Stellione Newt Serpent
Stello Newt Serpent
Stimphalis Stymphalis Bird
Stincus Starfish Fish
Sting-ray Ray Fish
Storam Sturgeon Fish
Stork Stork Bird Two crows lead flocks of storks when they cross the sea to Asia
Strix Owl Bird
Strofilos Trochilus Bird
Stromphalidis Harpy Bird
Strophalides Harpy Bird
Strophylos Harpy Bird
Strucione Ostrich Bird
Struthiocamelon Ostrich Bird
Struthione Ostrich Bird
Strutio Ostrich Bird
Strûz Ostrich Bird
Stupestris Buprestis Worm/Insect
Stuprestis Buprestis Worm/Insect
Sturgeon Sturgeon Fish A fish with its scales pointing toward its mouth
Sturio Sturgeon Fish
Sturione Sturgeon Fish
Sturmis Starling Bird
Sturnis Starling Bird
Sturnus Starling Bird
Stymphalis Stymphalis Bird Man-eating birds with beaks of bronze and sharp metallic feathers
Sue Pig Beast
Suillo Sea-pig Fish
Suillus Ichneumon Serpent
Sunfish Sunfish Fish A large fish that likes to bask in the sun
Sunus Catfish Fish
Sus Pig Beast
Swallow Swallow Bird The swallow deserts buildings that are about to collapse
Swan Swan Bird The swan sings most sweetly just before it dies
Swillo Sea-pig Fish
Swordfish Swordfish Fish A fish with a pointed beak it uses to sink ships
Sylio Salamander Serpent
Syluris Catfish Fish
Symia Ape Beast
Symphalides Stymphalis Bird
Syrene Siren (Serpent) Serpent
Syropetice Syropetice Beast A beast that has a tail like a leopard
Sytula Scitalis Serpent
Tabanus Horse-fly Worm/Insect
Talpa Mole Beast
Talpe Mole Beast
Tamur Thamur Worm/Insect
Tantalus Heron Bird
Tappula Tapula Worm/Insect
Tapula Tapula Worm/Insect A worm that runs fast on land or water
Tarandrus Parandrus Beast
Tarandrus Tragelaphus Beast
Tarans Scorpion Worm/Insect
Tarante Scorpion Worm/Insect
Tarmo Tarmus Worm/Insect
Tarmur Tarmus Worm/Insect
Tarmus Tarmus Worm/Insect A worm that is generated from the fat of pigs
Tatinus Tarmus Worm/Insect
Taube Dove Bird
Taupe Mole Beast
Tauppe Mole Beast
Taurus Bull Beast
Taxone Badger Beast
Taxus Badger Beast
Teredine Woodworm Worm/Insect
Teredinus Woodworm Worm/Insect
Teredo Woodworm Worm/Insect
Teredona Woodworm Worm/Insect
Teredones Woodworm Worm/Insect
Terendo Woodworm Worm/Insect
Termes Woodworm Worm/Insect
Termite Woodworm Worm/Insect
Terrebolen Fire Stones Stone
Terredine Woodworm Worm/Insect
Terroboli Fire Stones Stone
Tesson Badger Beast
Testa Wasp Worm/Insect
Testeo Testeum Fish
Testeum Testeum Fish A sea fish that drinks fresh water when it is ill
Testeus Tortoise Fish
Testudine Snail Worm/Insect
Testudinus Tortoise Fish
Testudo Tortoise Fish
Testudo vermis Snail Worm/Insect
Thamur Tarmus Worm/Insect
Thamur Thamur Worm/Insect The blood of this worm can break the hardest materials
Tharandus Parandrus Beast
Tharmus Tarmus Worm/Insect
Thaurus Bull Beast
Theca Tick Worm/Insect
Thranis Swordfish Fish
Thrush Thrush Bird A bird that returns at the beginning of winter
Thymallus Thymallus Fish A fish named after a flower
Thynnus Tuna Fish
Tick Tick Worm/Insect A insect that always has its head in blood
Tiger Tiger Beast Tigers are remarkable for their strength and speed
Tiger beetle Glow-worm Worm/Insect
Tignus Tuna Fish
Tigre Tiger Beast
Tigris Tiger Beast
Tiliacus Tyliacus Serpent
Tiliatus Tyliacus Serpent
Timallus Thymallus Fish
Timius Tuna Fish
Tinea Clothes-moth Worm/Insect
Tir Viper Serpent
Tire Viper Serpent
Tirus Tyrus Serpent
Tirus Viper Serpent
Tisus Tysus Serpent
Titmose Titmouse Bird
Titmouse Titmouse Bird A bird that is curious about other birds
Toad Frog Serpent
Tolatus Tyliacus Serpent
Topinara Mole Beast
Torpede Torpedo Fish
Torpedine Torpedo Fish
Torpedo Torpedo Fish A fish whose touch numbs the strongest arms and swiftest feet
Torte Turtledove Bird
Tortoise Tortoise Fish The tortoise is a fish with a back covered in a shell
Tortora Turtledove Bird
Tortorele Turtledove Bird
Tortre Turtledove Bird
Tortuca Sea-turtle Fish
Tortuca Tortoise Fish
Tortuta Sea-turtle Fish
Tourteroele Turtledove Bird
Tragelaphos Tragelaphus Beast
Tragelaphus Tragelaphus Beast A deer-like animal that has a beard
Tragodite Trogodite Beast
Tragopales Tragopan Bird
Tragopan Tragopan Bird A large bird with two horns on its head
Tragopoles Tragopan Bird
Tranes Tranes Beast An animal something like a rabbit, with a helmet on its head
Tranet Tranes Beast
Tranez Tranes Beast
Trebius Trebius Fish A fish that changes color from white to black
Trebus Trebius Fish
Trelinus Trebius Fish
Trisnon Cricket Worm/Insect
Trochilus Trochilus Bird A small bird that cleans the teeth of crocodiles
Troglodytes Trogodite Beast
Trogodite Trogodite Beast An animal that has horns pointing toward the ground
Trogodytae Trogodite Beast
Trout Trout Fish A fish that lives in fast flowing mountain rivers
Trucha Trout Fish
Tructa Trout Fish
Truht Trout Fish
Truie Pig Beast
Truite Trout Fish
Truithe Trout Fish
Truitis Trout Fish
Truthae Trout Fish
Trutta Trout Fish
Truye Pig Beast
Tuci Cuckoo Bird
Tucus Cuckoo Bird
Tuna Tuna Fish Fish that sees better with the right eye
Turbot Turbot Fish A slow fish that uses trickery to catch fast fish
Turdella Thrush Bird
Turdella Thrush Bird
Turdus Thrush Bird
Turrobo Fire Stones Stone
Turrobolen Fire Stones Stone
Turteltaube Turtledove Bird
Turtle Tortoise Fish
Turtledove Turtledove Bird A bird that always remains faithful to its mate
Turtre Turtledove Bird
Turtur Turtledove Bird
Turtura Turtledove Bird
Turture Turtledove Bird
Tusus Tysus Serpent
Tutula Turtledove Bird
Tygnus Tuna Fish
Tygre Tiger Beast
Tygris Tiger Beast
Tygro Tiger Beast
Tylatus Tyliacus Serpent
Tyliacus Tyliacus Serpent A serpent born from inside a linden tree
Tyliatus Tyliacus Serpent
Tymallus Thymallus Fish
Tymalus Thymallus Fish
Tymius Tuna Fish
Tynea Clothes-moth Worm/Insect
Tynnus Tuna Fish
Tyri Tyrus Serpent
Tyris Dragon Serpent
Tyro Tyrus Serpent
Tyrus Tyrus Serpent A serpent used in the preparation of a cure for poison
Tyso Tysus Serpent
Tysus Tysus Serpent A serpent that walks on its belly using its ribs like feet
Tytmase Titmouse Bird
Ueson Buffalo Beast
Uesun Buffalo Beast
Ulica Coot Bird
Ulula Owl Bird
Unguis Unguis Fish A fish named from its similarity to fingernails
Ungwes Unguis Fish
Ungwibus Unguis Fish
Unicorn Monocerus Beast
Unicorn Unicorn Beast The unicorn is a fierce beast that can only be captured by a maiden
Unicornis Unicorn Beast
Unicornue Unicorn Beast
Unio Pearl-oyster Fish
Union Pearl-oyster Fish
Upega Hoopoe Bird
Uppompe Hoopoe Bird
Upupa Hoopoe Bird
Uranoscopus Uranoscopus Fish A a fish that has a single eye on the top of its head
Urchin Echeneis Fish
Urchin Sea-urchin Fish
Uri Ox Beast
Uria Uria Worm/Insect A worm found in pigs that causes blisters
Urin Buffalo Beast
Urni Buffalo Beast
Ursus Bear Beast
Urus Ox Beast
Usia Uria Worm/Insect
Vacca Cow Beast
Vacca marina Sea-cow Fish
Vacca maris Sea-cow Fish
Vacca marisia Sea-cow Fish
Vair Squirrel Beast
Vanellis Stymphalis Bird
Vanellli Stymphalis Bird
Vanellus Stymphalis Bird
Vario Squirrel Beast
Varius Squirrel Beast
Vautour Vulture Bird
Venth Bitterling Fish
Ventig Bitterling Fish
Vergiliades. Vergiliales Fish
Vergiliales Vergiliales Fish A fish with sharp scales that is only seen when the Peides rise
Vermis Worm Worm/Insect
Vermis cannulus Dog-fly Worm/Insect
Verspulio Bat Bird
Vervex Wether Beast
Vesontes Buffalo Beast
Vespa Wasp Worm/Insect
Vespertilio Bat Bird
Vespertilione Bat Bird
Vespis Wasp Worm/Insect
Vesptilione Bat Bird
Vespulione Griffin Beast
Vilde kow Bonnacon Beast
Viper Viper Serpent The young of the viper eat their way out of their mother's side
Vipera Viper Serpent
Vipera marina Sea-viper Fish
Vippera Viper Serpent
Vipra Viper Serpent
Vituli marini Seal Fish
Vitulis marinis Seal Fish
Vitulo Cow Beast
Vitulo marino Seal Fish
Vitulus Cow Beast
Vohe Fox Beast
Volp Fox Beast
Volpe Fox Beast
Voltoir Vulture Bird
Voltour Vulture Bird
Votoir Vulture Bird
Voutor Vulture Bird
Vuivre Viper Serpent
Vulpes marine Sea-fox Fish
Vulpes maris Sea-fox Fish
Vulpis Fox Beast
Vultur Vulture Bird
Vulture Vulture Bird The vulture is a slow-flying bird that eats corpses
Vurpil Fox Beast
Wagtail Wagtail Bird A bird that constantly shakes its tail
Walfisch Whale Fish
Walrus Walrus Fish Large sea beast with tusks
Wasp Hornet Worm/Insect
Wasp Wasp Worm/Insect A stinging insect
Water-horse Water-horse Beast A beast with the front half of a horse and tail of a fish or serpent
Water-ouzel Martineta Bird
Weasel Weasel Beast The weasel conceives at the mouth and gives birth through the ear
Weevil Weevil Worm/Insect An insect that is almost nothing but a throat
Wesent Buffalo Beast
Wether Wether Beast The wether is named from the worms in its head
Whale Whale Fish Sailors mistake the whale for an island
Wiedehopf Hoopoe Bird
Wiedehopfs Hoopoe Bird
Wiesel Weasel Beast
Wild ass Onager Beast
Wild Man Wild Man Beast A man who lives wild in the forest
Wildesel Onager Beast
Wisonta Buffalo Beast
Wivre Viper Serpent
Wolf Wolf Beast If a wolf sees a man first, the man will lose his voice
Wood-dove Wood-dove Bird A chaste bird
Woodpecker Woodpecker Bird No spike can remain in a tree where a woodpecker nests
Woodworm Woodworm Worm/Insect Woodworms are generated when trees are cut at the wrong time
Woodwose Wild Man Beast
Worm Worm Worm/Insect Worms are born from flesh without intercourse
Woutre Wolf Beast
Xifio Zifius Fish
Xifius Zifius Fish
Xysyus Zifius Fish
Yale Yale Beast A beast with flexible horns that it can move at will
Yaspide Asp Serpent
Yatrix Natrix Serpent
Ybet Ibex Beast
Ybeus Ibis Bird
Ybeux Ibis Bird
Ybex Ibis Bird
Ybice Ibex Beast
Ybice Ibis Bird
Ybis Ibis Bird
Ybos Anthus Bird
Yboz Anthus Bird
Ybrida Ibrida Beast
Ycino Sea-urchin Fish
Ycnheomon Ichneumon Serpent
Ydre Hydrus Serpent
Ydro Hydros Serpent
Ydrus Hydrus Serpent
Yelue Hyena Beast
Yema Hyena Beast
Yena Hyena Beast
Yenne Hyena Beast
Yeule Hyena Beast
Ylex Ibex Beast
Ylp Elephant Beast
Ypna Asp Serpent
Ypnalis Asp Serpent
Ypnapis Asp Serpent
Ypocamus Hippopotamus Beast
Ypocentauros Centaur Beast
Ypotamus Hippopotamus Beast
Ypothamus Hippopotamus Beast
Ypothanuis Hippopotamus Beast
Yppopa Hoopoe Bird
Yppopus Hoopoe Bird
Yppotamus Hippopotamus Beast
Yptalus Asp Serpent
Yraingne Spider Worm/Insect
Yrici Hedgehog Beast
Yricuis Hedgehog Beast
Yrundine Swallow Bird
Yrundinis Swallow Bird
Yrundo Swallow Bird
Ysida Isida Bird
Ysidam Ostrich Bird
Yssida Ostrich Bird
Ystrice Porcupine Beast
Zedrac Sea-horse Fish
Zedrose Zedrosis Fish
Zedrosi Zedrosis Fish
Zedrosis Zedrosis Fish Sea monsters so large their bones can be used in building houses
Zedrosus Zedrosis Fish
Zelencides Zelencides Bird A bird that rids the land of a plague of locusts
Zelentides Zelencides Bird
Zeleucides Zelencides Bird
Zerahav Zerahav Bird A bird that lays its eggs at the bottom of the ocean
Zherav Crane Bird
Zibo Hyena Beast
Zidrac Sea-horse Fish
Zifiron Sea-turtle Fish
Zifius Zifius Fish A sea monster that does not resemble any other animal
Zilio Hyena Beast
Zitiron Sea-turtle Fish
Zubo Hyena Beast
Zubro Buffalo Beast
Zubrones Buffalo Beast
Zybo Hyena Beast
Zydeach Sea-horse Fish
Zydeath Sea-horse Fish
Zydrach Sea-horse Fish
Zyfius Zifius Fish
Zytiron Sea-turtle Fish
Zytyron Sea-turtle Fish