Jacques de Vitry

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Jacques de Vitry (Latinized as Jacobus de Vitriaco) was born around 1160-70 and died in 1240. He was a French theologian who became a bishop and later a cardinal. He was one of the principle promoters of the crusade against the Albigenses, and was personally involved in the Fifth Crusade (1217). He was in Palestine from around 1216 to 1225.


Jacques wrote hundreds of sermons and letters, as well as the Life of Marie d'Oignies and some texts on the the Beguines of Liège, a Christian lay religious order.

Historia Hierosolymitana

The Historia Hierosolymitana or History of Jerusalem or Historia orientalis is a first-hand account of the history and geography of Palestine from the time of Mohammed to the thirteenth century. Jacques wrote of the flora, fauna and people of the region; his accounts about the animals of the region were frequently quoted by Thomas of Cantimpré in his Liber de natura rerum.