British Library, Royal MS 10 A VII


Produced: England, 2nd quarter 13th century
Location: British Library, London, England, UK
Type: Miscellany
Language: Latin
Folios: 218
Illustrated: Yes
Scribe: Multiple
Media: Vellum
Script: Littera textualis
Dimensions: Height: 23.2 cm Width: 17.3 cm


The De avibus (Aviary) or first of the four books of the Bestiary. It is generally attributed to Hugh of Fouilloy (Fouilloy in the department of Somme), Prior of S. Laurence at Heilly (1153-1174). Illustrated by pen drawings.

Folios 215r-216v: Further selections from the moralized Bestiary, chiefly of animals, not illustrated. Begins Est animal quod Grece dicitur elephas. They are mainly based on the Physiologus, but seem to be taken from one of the common compilations.

[adapted from the British Library description]

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