Kongelige Bibliotek, GKS 3466 8°
(Bestiaire of Philippe de Thaon)


Produced: England, c 1300
Current Location: Kongelige Bibliotek, Copenhagen, Denmark
Manuscript Type: Bestiary
Bestiary Family: French
Language: Latin
Folios: 51
Author: Philippe de Thaon
Illustrated: Yes
Media: Parchment
Dimensions: Height: 17 cm Width: 10 cm
Sample page - Kongelige Bibilotek Gl. kgl. S. 3466
Folio 6v


The illustrated Bestiaire of Philippe de Thaon. Some of the chapters are abbreviated versions of those found in other manuscripts.

The illustration for the stag is incorrectly placed on folio 21v, in the section on the hydrus and the crocodile; all of the pictures from that point appear one chapter too early. The mistake is corrected at folio 49v, after an empty space on folio 48r; the onager and the ape pictures are in the correct chapters. Some spaces evidently left for illustrations remain empty (e.g. f. 44v, f. 48r).

The other manuscripts containing Philippe's bestiary are Oxford, Merton College 249 and British Library, Cotton Nero A V.

[From Kongelige Bibliotek]

Adapted translation by Philippe de Thaon of the Latin guide to animal life Bestiarius, which describes in text and illustrations real and fabled animals and their characteristics, and provides information on their symbolic significance.

[From McCulloch]

This unfinished manuscript stops at line 1928 in the section on the Aspidochelone. It contains twenty-eight interesting drawings. Possibly this thirteenth or fourteenth century manuscript was copied at the former Priory of Saint Martin des Champs in Paris.

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