Cambridge University Library, Gg. 6. 5
(Liber de Bestiis et Aliis rebus)


Produced: England, 1450-75
Location: Cambridge University Library, Cambridge, England, UK
Type: Bestiary
Family: Fourth
Language: Latin
Author: Hugh of Fouilly
Illustrated: Yes


The bestiary is on folios 1r-100r. This is the Liber de Bestiis et Aliis rebus by Hugh of Fouilloy (mistakenly attributed to Hugh of Saint Victor).

[From McCulloch, page 39]

...the large, careless pictures in this manuscript look like poor relations of those found in Copenhagen, Kongelige Bibliotek Gl. Kgl. 1633 4° (a Second Family manuscript).

[From Keen, page 172]

Home-produced collection of extracts from ‘Properties’ [De proprietatibus rerum, Bartholomaeus Anglicus] in the form of a bestiary.

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Additional description (digitized page images, page 215)

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