Trinity College Library (Cambridge), R.14.9


Produced: England, 1275-1300
Current Location: Trinity College Library (Cambridge), Cambridge, England, UK
Manuscript Type: Miscellany
Bestiary Family: First : Transitional
Language: Latin
Folios: 106
Illustrated: Yes
Media: Vellum
Script: In various hands
Dimensions: Height: 26.7 cm Width: 17.8 cm
Folio 89v


The Bestiary is on folio 89r-105v. It is illustrated with 106 very small (mostly half column width) full color images. The images are framed and have colorful patterned backgrounds; many of the frames use gold leaf. The colors are very bright and clean.

On three pages an uncolored pen drawing mimicking the illustration has been added in the margin. These are the goat (f.91r), snake (f.95r) and hawk (f.101r);

Two bestiary folios after 89 were misnumbered and have been corrected on the pages as 89a and 90a. Folios 89a and 90a are here designated 89² and 90².

[From James] (James no. 884)

Double columns of 45 lines. In a fine hand, illustrated with many small square and oblong miniatures in gold frames of the most admirable finish. The grounds of the miniatures are either dark blue, or pale red, or brown red, with dotted and diapered patterns. The work is English. The text begins: Et enim iacob benedicens filium suum iudam ait catulus leonis est iudas filius meus. It ends imperfectly in the section on the Frog: Rane a garulitate eo quod circa genitales [strepunt paludes etc.]. This is added in a neat xvith cent. hand ending lacertorum ut lubigo et hoc similia. Expl. liber Bestiarum.

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