Fitzwilliam Museum, MS 379
(Fitzwilliam Bestiary)


Produced: England, ca. 1300
Current Location: Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, England, UK
Manuscript Type: Bestiary
Bestiary Family: Second
Language: Latin
Folios: 65
Illustrated: Yes
Media: Parchment
Dimensions: Height: 25.4 cm Width: 15.5 cm
Sample Page - Fitzwilliam Museum MS 379
Folio 25r


A partial bestiary is on folio 9r-30, with 40 full color framed illustrations.

A lapidary from the Speculum naturale of Vincent of Beauvais is on folio 31r-36v (not illustrated).

[From Willene B. Clark, 2006]

Related to British Library, Additional MS 11283, and more directly to Bibliothèque Municipale de Douai, Ms. 711. Judging by what remains, the bestiary was a complete Second-family text with a few omissions, and at least four chapters for the sparrow from the Aviarium (cf. Bodleian Library, MS. Bodley 764 and British Library, Harley MS 4751, which interpolate different Aviary chapters). Decoration: Illustrations in bestiary only; 40 fully colored and framed miniatures survive; one painter, a very good early 14th-century English artist. ... A few mammals and most birds remain. Scenes and individual animals share picture space equally with swaying trees topped by large round clusters of leaves. Arrangement of figures in the scenes of the Garamantean king and the dog's murdered master are virtually identical to the Douai scenes of these subjects.

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