Corpus Christi College Parker Library, MS 22


Produced: England, 12th, 14th century
Location: Corpus Christi College Parker Library, Cambridge, England, UK
Type: Miscellany
Family: First; B-Is
Language: Latin
Folios: 181
Illustrated: Yes
Dimensions: Height: 37 cm Width: 25.5 cm
Folio 162r


Contains two works by Isidore of Seville (Etymologies and Synonyma) on folio 1r-161v, and a bestiary on folio 162r-169r. The bestiary is illustrated with simple pen drawings, most with a color wash. Some of the illustrations are unusual.

[Adapted from M. R. James, 1912]

I. Table of words. 14th century, 3 columns to a page. Tabula super Isidori eymologias (folio i). Primus liber Ysidori habet ca. 28. Folio i-xx.

II. Etymologies of Isidore of Seville. 12th century, double columns. Isidori Etymologiae (folio 1-161v).

Incipit: Epistole Ysidori ad Braulionem. Five letters, the last ending conditor huius codicis disputauit. Handsome initials in blue, green and red. Each book has a similar one. Initials of chapters are mostly in plain color, red and green and white. Book XX ends folio 161r ignis ardore siccetur. No colophon.

III. A first family bestiary. Folio 162r-169r. The first folio is missing; the text begins with the last part of the section on the fox, followed by Est animal quod dicitur monocheros latine uero unicornis. The last section (Est arbor que dicitur mandragora in partibus orientis) ends statim a demonio deuoratus est et periit.. There are 35 illustrations in the text in outline, washed with color, no backgrounds or frames; the execution is rough but effective.

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