University of Pennsylvania Library, LJS 23
(Liber de natura rerum)


Produced: Northern France Or Flanders, ca. 1250-70
Current Location: University of Pennsylvania Library, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Manuscript Type: Encyclopedia
Language: Latin
Folios: 56
Author: Thomas de Cantimpré
Illustrated: No
Media: Vellum
Script: Gothic bookhand and Gothic cursive
Dimensions: Height: 18.5 cm Width: 13.4 cm
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Folio 3r


Thomas de Cantimpré, Liber de Natura Rerum.

Gatherings from Books VII-XX of Thomas's general introduction to science, including parts of his sections on fish, insects and invertebrates, trees, cosmology and astronomy, herbs, springs, gems, wind and clouds, the four elements, stars, and eclipses. One of the earliest known copies of this text. Notes in a modern German hand on front flyleaves and occasionally in margins. The manuscript is not illustrated.


  1. p.1-16: De piscibus.
  2. p.17-24: De vermibus.
  3. p.25-32: De arboribus communibus.
  4. p.33-39: De septem regionibus aeris.
  5. p.39-52: De septem planetis.
  6. p.53-56: De herbis aromaticis.
  7. p.56-59: De fontibus.
  8. p.59-70: De lapidibus preciosis.
  9. p.71-80: De passionibus aeris.
  10. p.80-95: De quatuor elementis.
  11. p.95-110: De ornatu celi et eclipsibus solis et lune.

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