Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Cod. germ. 5249/79
(Der Naturen Bloeme)


Produced: 4th quarter 13th century
Location: Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich, Germany
Type: Miscellany
Language: Dutch
Author: Jacob van Maerlant
Illustrated: No
Media: Parchment
Dimensions: Height: 27.5 cm Width: 19 cm


Contains a fragment of Der Naturen Bloeme by Jacob van Maerlant. It consists of two double sheets, which belonged to the same quire, and contain lines 8229-8400, 8718-8879, 9175-9334 and 9632-9796. Not illustrated.

Descriptions of the different animals are separated from each other by a line space. At the start of each animal description a space has been left open, approximately a half column wide and 3 to 6 lines high, intended for a combination of miniature and rubric; only the rubric has been filled in.

This is the manuscript copy designated M. This manuscript is paired with manuscript Stadtb├╝cherei Trier, Mappe IV, Fragment 6 (T) as separated parts of the same manuscript.

Additional Descriptions

None known

Editions and Facsimiles

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