British Library, Additional MS 27944
(On the properties of things)


Produced: England, c. 1410
Current Location: British Library, London, England, UK
Manuscript Type: Encyclopedia
Language: English
Folios: 335
Author: Bartholomaeus Anglicus
Illustrated: No
Binding: 18th century brown leather
Media: Parchment
Script: Anglican formata; Cursiva formata
Dimensions: Height: 42 cm Width: 29.5 cm
Folio 8r


John Trevisa's English translation of the De proprietatibus rerum (On the Properties of Things) of Bartholomaeus Anglicus. Folio 2r has an alphabetic table of contents by book; folio 8r has Trevisa's verse introduction. Vine and flower decorations at the start of each book; initials at the start of each chapter are alternately gilt on magenta and blue on red, with simple penwork in the margins. One miniature in an initial (f. 8r), showing a cleric at a reading desk.

Bartholomew Glanvill "De proprietatibus rerum," in 19 books; translated into English by John de Trevisa. A table of contents is prefixed, followed by some verses of the translator on the work he is about to undertake, beginning."Troys was maad al of reed In þe bigynnynge of my book That is clepid god me spede In þe firste lessoun Pitt I took." At the end is the following, "Endeles grace blisse and þonkynge to oure lord god all weldynge þise translaciouns I endede at Berkeleye the sixte day of ffeuerer The zere of oure lorde a thousande þre hundrid foure score and eiptetene: The Þeere of kyng Richarde the secounde after tho conqueste of Engelonde two and twenty. The zeere of my lordes age Sire Thomas lord of Berkeley that made me make this translacioun seuene and fourty.

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