British Library, Royal MS 20 B XX
(La Vraye Histoire du Bon Roy Alixandre)


Produced: France, early 15th century
Current Location: British Library, London, England, UK
Manuscript Type: Miscellany
Language: Old French
Folios: 97
Author: Pseudo-Callisthenes
Illustrated: Yes
Media: Vellum
Dimensions: Height: 29.2 cm Width: 20.3 cm
Sample page - British Library Royal MS 20 B XX
Folio 49v


La Vraye Histoire du Bon Roy Alixandre (The Alexander Romance in Old French prose). Illuminated initials and partial ivy-sprig borders and well-executed miniatures in French style.

Animal-related sections:

  • f. 41v, Albanians presenting Alexander with a dog, and the dog fighting an elephant and a lion.
  • f. 49v, 50r, 50v. Alexander battles with dragons, beasts and white lions.
  • f. 51r, Alexander's battle with boars and many-handed savages.
  • f. 51v, Alexander fighting a three-horned beast and other strange animals.
  • f. 56r, Alexander fighting with a hippopotamus-like beast.
  • f. 57r, Alexander driving off elephants with pigs and musical instruments.
  • f. 60r, Alexander encountering a naked and homeless tribe (the gymnosophists).
  • f. 63r, Alexander fighting with giants.
  • f. 64r, Alexander burning a wild man.
  • f. 66r, Alexander sleeping in bed out of doors, under the trees of the sun and the moon, with a phoenix nearby in a tree.
  • f. 73r, Alexander fighting against dragons with emeralds in their foreheads.
  • f. 73v, Alexander's battle against wild bulls.
  • f. 76v, Alexander, in a cage, being carried aloft by griffins.
  • ff. 78r-80v, Fights with sword-horned men, sheep-horned dragons, horse-headed men, one-eyed giants, headless men with faces on their torsos (blemmyae) and lion-like beasts.
  • f. 82v, Alexander receiving white elephants as a gift.
  • f. 83r, Alexander enthroned, presented with the caladrius birds.
  • f. 83v, Alexander fighting with two-headed dragons.

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