Newberry Library, MS 67.3


Produced: Erfurt, 1460
Location: Newberry Library, Chicago, IL, USA
Type: Miscellany
Language: Latin
Folios: 299
Illustrated: No
Scribe: Johannes Hagen
Binding: 15th century boards
Media: Paper
Script: Gothic cursiva currens
Dimensions: Height: 22 cm Width: 15.5 cm


A collection of extracts from various authors, written by Johannes Hagen, prior of the Carthusian monastery of Mons Salvatoris. There are 55 items in the collection.

Number 22 (folio 152v - 153v) is an extract from De bestiis et aliis rebus falsely ascribed in the Middle Ages to Hugh of St Victor. The text begins "De proprietatibus quorumdam animalium Hugo in bestiario...". Not illustrated.

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