Morgan Library, MS M.814
(Li livres dou trésor)


Produced: France, 1300-1325
Current Location: Morgan Library, New York, New York, USA
Manuscript Type: Encyclopedia
Language: French
Folios: 208
Illustrated: Yes
Binding: 19th century
Media: Vellum, paper
Script: Textura
Dimensions: Height: 24 cm Width: 15 cm
Folio 69r


Li livres dou trésor: encyclopedia of Brunetto Latini (1220-1295); written and illuminated in France, Arras or Thérouanne, in the early 14th century. Bound-in at the end of the manuscript (fol. 209-212) is a 19th-century table of contents, probably French, that is written in brown ink on light green paper.

Decoration: 1 12-line miniature (seated scribe copying from a manuscript) that is original to text; 65 marginal drawings (3 figured, the rest of bestiary animals or astronomical signs) that were added around the third quarter of the 14th century. The marginal drawings are very faint and hard to make out.

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