Morgan Library, MS M.397


Produced: Italy, 10th or 11th century
Location: Morgan Library, New York, New York, USA
Type: Miscellany
Language: Greek
Folios: 112
Illustrated: Yes
Binding: Old Italian parchment in morocco case
Media: Vellum
Script: Greek minuscule
Dimensions: Height: 21.5 cm Width: 16.6 cm
Folio 4r


Written and illuminated in south Italy in the tenth or eleventh century.


  • Fragments of Stephantes (Falcons) and Ichnelates (Geese) [folio 1r-7v]
  • Physiologus [folio 8r-21v]
  • Vita Aesopi (Life of Aesop) [folio 22r-67v]
  • Aesop's fables (226 fables) [folio 67v-108r
  • Babrius's Fabulae Aesopeae [folio 108r-112v]
One column, varying number of lines. 20 unframed colored drawings and 7 uncolored drawings. The fables of Aesop are illustrated; the Physiologus is not.

Formerly in the Basilian Monastery at Grottoferrata, near Rome (numbered A.33).

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