British Library, Additional MS 18850
(Bedford Hours)


Produced: France (Paris), 1410-1430
Current Location: British Library, London, England, UK
Manuscript Type: Book of Hours
Language: Latin/French
Folios: 289
Illustrated: Yes
Illustrator: Bedford Master
Media: Parchment
Script: Gothic
Dimensions: Height: 26 cm Width: 18 cm
Folio 12r


This magnificent book of hours, which gives its name to one of the leading Parisian book painters of the period, was written and illuminated for John, Duke of Bedford and his wife Anne, younger sister of Philip, Duke of Burgundy, probably on the occasion of their marriage in 1423. ... The manuscript contains more than 1200 marginal scenes from the Bible... [Backhouse, 1997, page 168.]

Some of the images are bestiary-related.

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