Bibliothèque Nationale de France, fr. 14970
(Bestiaire of Guillaume le Clerc)


Produced: France or Belgium (Hainaut), ca. 1285
Current Location: Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris, France
Manuscript Type: Miscellany
Bestiary Family: French
Language: French
Folios: 48
Author: Guillaume le Clerc
Illustrated: Yes
Media: Parchment
Dimensions: Height: 23.5 cm Width: 16.5 cm
Sample page - Bibliothéque Nationale de France fr. 14970
Folio 2r


Includes the Bestiaire of Guillaume le Clerc (folio 1r-34v) and a lapidary in verse (beginning on folio 34v). The 33 bestiary illustrations are simple, colored drawings with some gold. The artist did not know what some of the more exotic animals looked like, drawing both the crocodile and the panther with goat-like horns.

This is the copy of the Bestiaire designated G by Reinsch.

The manuscript texts are:

  • Guillaume le Clerc, Bestiaire Divin (folio 1r-34v)
  • Marbodus Redonensis, De Lapidibus (Tran. Guillaume le Clerc) (folio 34v-47r)
  • Astronomical diagram from Gautier de Metz, L'Image du Monde (folio 48r)

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