Bodleian Library, MS. Douce 88


Produced: England, 13th-14th century
Current Location: Bodleian Library, Oxford, England, UK
Manuscript Type: Miscellany
Bestiary Family: Second (B) / Third (E)
Language: Latin
Folios: 165
Illustrated: Yes
Media: Paper
Dimensions: Height: 21.6 cm Width: 15.9 cm
Sample page - Bodleian Library MS. Douce 088
Folio 69v-70v


Made up of five manuscripts written in the 13th-14th century; illustrated. Part B (f.5r-30r) is a Second Family bestiary, illustrated, of 26 leaves. Part E (f.68r-116v) is a Third Family bestiary, illustrated, of 48 leaves. This part also has at least two illustrated pages on the monstrous human races (folio 69v-70r).


A (early 14th century, written in England). f.1r: A calendar from some liturgical volume.

B (13th century, written in England). f.5r: Hic incipit Bestiarium de naturis animalium, & primo de Leone: begins 'Bestiarium vocabulum proprie convenit' with many illustrations; ends 'in filins inobediencie debachatur'; pp. 132-205 of a volume, but a leaf is lost after f.28r; see also f.121v. f.30v, 32v: Two short histories of the Cross, preceded by a full-page miniature of the expulsion from Paradise.

C (13th century, written in England). f.34r: The Opus Parabolarum of Odo de Cerinton or Cheriton. f.48v: part of a treatise on the Seven deadly sins. f.50r is a single leaf of the 13th century containing a history of St. Mary Magdalene.

D (13th century). f. 51r: A treatise on the care of horses, in 39 chapters.

E (13th century). f.68r: A treatise of monsters and portents, with many illustrations. Begins: 'Cum voluntas conditoris'. f.115v: De septem mirabilibus mundi. f.116v: excerpts from the Polycraticus of John of Salisbury and other small pieces, chiefly theological. f.138r: the Vaticinia de pontificibus Romanis of Joachimus abbas, with illustrations. f.146v: some Latin-French and French-Latin vocabularies. McCulloch (p.38-39) notes that this combination is typical of Third Family bestiaries. The text is nearly identical to that in Bodleian Library MS. e Mus. 136.

Bodleian Summary Catalog number 21662.

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