Trinity College Library (Cambridge), O.2.48


Produced: Germany?, 14th century
Location: Trinity College Library (Cambridge), Cambridge, England, UK
Type: Herbal
Language: Latin
Folios: 273
Illustrated: Yes
Media: Paper
Dimensions: Height: 21.3 cm Width: 15.2 cm
Folio 264v-265r


The Herbal is on folio 1r-250v, and includes some entries on bestiary subjects (e.g. f.39r, dog pulling up male mandrake).

The herbal is followed by a tract on beasts and birds (the Liber medicine ex animalibus by Sextus Placitus), with rough drawings (folio 251r-273v).

[From James] (James no. 1152)

Rex egipciorum octauiano augusto salutem plurimis exemplis expertus sum victoriam tuam et prudenciam.

There are pictures of Hare, Fox, Goat, Boar, Bear, Wolf, Lion, Bull, a sort of human-headed serpent not named (f.255), Elephant, Dog, Ass, Mule, Horse, Ram, Wild Goat, Youth and Maid, Cat, Grillus, Weasel, Mouse, Eagle, Vulture, Hawk, Crane, Cock, Partridge, Goose, Swallow, Dove, Crow, Hen, Hoopoe, Stork, Pie, Owls (4), Blackbird, Heron?, Parrot (cut out), Swan, another cut out, Peacock, Marmot?, Cocodrillus (a bird), Ostrich, Leopard, Deer, Unicorn, Dragon/Griffin. The two last are on the last leaf, which is much mutilated... I think the work is German.

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