Trinity College Library (Cambridge), R.15.13
(Natural History)


Produced: England, 1230-40
Current Location: Trinity College Library (Cambridge), Cambridge, England, UK
Manuscript Type: Encyclopedia
Language: Latin
Folios: 316
Illustrated: No
Media: Vellum
Dimensions: Height: 11.1 cm Width: 7.6 cm


Videtur Epitomen esse Historiae Naturalis Plinii et aliorum. But many late authors, as Bernard, Gregory, Platearius, are quoted. Inc. Triplex est esse. Quedam enim sunt res composite et in compositione sua sunt mixte ex 4 elementis. Et quedam res sunt composite compositione tantum diuisionali... On pp.1-67 the heaven is treated of. On p.67 is the heading Ignis. On p.80 De aere et contingentibus aerem. On pp.122 sqq. water is treated of. (pp.147-159 of fountains and their properties: Solinus is quoted.) On p.159 De terra et contingentibus eam. On p.254 De vegetabilibus. On p.404 of animals, and first of birds. On p.503 of fishes. p.529 of serpents. p.536 quadrupeds. p.611 man. Ends p.633: Pectus hominis est latum etc... pars acuta declinat ad inferius pectoris." - [James] (James no. 938)

Its content is a natural-science encyclopedia 'Liber de naturis rerum' which was written 1230-40 in England. The author is anonymous, probably an English Dominican. The encyclopedia was sometime falsely ascribed to John Folsham, an English Carmelite, died 1348. The manuscript has no illustrations. A description of this work could be found in my article: Die moralisierende Enzyklop├Ądie Liber de naturis rerum von Pseudo-John Folsham. - [Dmitri Abramov (personal email, July 2003)]

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