British Library, Harley MS 3737
(De naturis rerum)


Produced: England (St Albans), 12th-13th century
Current Location: British Library, London, England, UK
Manuscript Type: Encyclopedia
Language: Latin
Folios: 255
Author: Alexander Neckam
Illustrated: No
Media: Parchment


The De naturis rerum, an encyclopedia by Alexander Neckam. This manuscript has all five books of the text (Books 1-2: De naturis rerum; Books 3-5: Commentary on Ecclesiastes),

At the beginning of the book is written Hic est incipt liber S.Albani; quem qui abstulerir, aut titulum deleverit, anathema sit. Amen (Here is the beginning of the book of St. Alban; Whosoever shall take away, or destroy the title, let him be anathema. Amen).

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