Private Library - Unknown Owner, PL02
(Le livre des propriétés des choses)


Produced: Paris, ca. 1390
Location: Private Library - Unknown Owner
Type: Encyclopedia
Language: French
Folios: 328
Author: Bartholomaeus Anglicus
Illustrated: Yes
Illustrator: Perrin (Pierre) Remiet
Media: Vellum
Dimensions: Height: 40.8 cm Width: 30.5 cm
Folio 173v


The De proprietatibus rerum, an encyclopedia by Bartholomaeus Anglicus, in the French translation by Jean Corbechon. Book 12 (birds) has small illustrations for most chapters plus a four-part introductory illustration. Book 14 (mountains) has one illustration featuring birds and animals.

  • Book 12 (birds) : folio 161r-174r
  • Book 13, chapter 28 (fish) : folio 174r-183r
  • Book 18 (animals) : folio 272v-310r (109 chapters, last chapters missing)

Sold by Christie's in 2010 to an undisclosed private buyer. The manuscript has no official shelfmark; "PL02" is used on this site for reference.

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