Stiftsbibliothek Admont, Codex Admontensis 547


Produced: Austria, 14th century
Current Location: Stiftsbibliothek Admont, Admont, Austria
Manuscript Type: Encyclopedia
Language: Latin
Folios: 121
Author: Thomas of Cantimpré / Engelbert of Admont
Illustrated: No
Media: Parchment
Sample page - Stiftsbibliothek Admont Codex Admontensis 547
Folio 80r


Contains two texts: De rebus naturalibus and Tractus de naturis animalium. Both are encyclopedias. Neither is illustrated.

Part 1: Thomas of Cantimpré, De rebus naturalibus (folio 1r-81r). The animal section is on folio 13r-48v. This appears to be version 3 of the text ("Thomas III").

  • Quadrupeds [folio 13r-23r]
  • Birds [folio 23r-34v]
  • Fish [folio 34v-39v]
  • Serpents [folio 39v-43v]
  • Worms [folio 43v-48v]

Part 2: Engelbert of Admont, Tractus de naturis animalium (folio 82r-120v). This version appears to be an almost direct copy of Stiftsbibliothek Admont, Codex Admontensis 119 (Schmitz, page 178). Some chapters are in a different order, and a long chapter on the stag has been inserted between the ibex and tragelaphus chapters.

The Tractus is sections:

  • Prologue [folio 82r]
  • Of human nature, monstrous human races [folio 82r-87v]
  • Nature of animals [folio 87v-88v]
  • Animals that walk on land [folio 88v-38v]
  • Serpents [folio 102v-105v]
  • Worms [folio 105v-106vv]
  • Fish [folio 106v-111v]
  • Birds [folio 111v-120r/li>
  • Small flying animals [folio 120r-120v]

There are some animals in the land animal section out of place given the above structure. The hydros (folio 100r) should be in the serpent section; the sea-pig (folio 100r) should be in the fish section; the spider, cricket and ant (all folio 101r) and the ant-lion (folio 101v) should be in the worm section. The spider and sea-pig are repeated in their correct sections (folio 106r and 108r).

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