Private Library - Unknown Owner, A.IX.9
(Liber Floridus)


Produced: 14th century
Current Location: Private Library - Unknown Owner
Manuscript Type: Encyclopedia
Language: Latin
Folios: 193
Author: Lambert of Saint-omer
Illustrated: Yes
Media: Parchment
Dimensions: Height: 40 cm Width: 30 cm


The Liber Floridus of Lambert of Saint-Omer.

This is the Liber Floridus manuscript designated Du.

The current location and owner of this privately held manuscript is unknown. As of the nineteenth century it was owned by the Marquis Marcello Durazzo in Italy. What little is known of the manuscript comes from Léopold Delisle, who says (page 600-601):

Volume of 193 sheets of parchment, 400 millimeters high and 300 wide. Two-column writing, from the 14th century, with many figures.

I know this manuscript from a notice inserted on pages 89-97 of the Osservazioni di Gasparo Luigi Oderico sopra alcuni codici della libreria di G. Filippo Darazzo [available online, Giornale Ligustico, see page 182-190], and above all from the very exact and detailed notes that the Marquis Staglieno , at the request of Ms. Duchesne and of M. the Marquis Imperiale, kindly communicated to me. According to these notes, I made sure that the ms. of M. the Marquis Marcello Durazzo must be classified in the family known as of Wolfenbitte [Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel, Cod. Guelf. 1 Gud. lat.]. The pieces of which it is composed are copied there in the same order, as also in the ms. of Chantilly [Bibliothèque du Musée Condé, Ms 724]. The text is identical in these three copies.

A detail shows to what extent the ms. of the Marquis Durazzo resembles the ms. of Wolfenbiittel: it is that, in the table, the article relating to the Ceremonial of the coronation is rejected there at the end, as in the ms. of Wolfenbittel.

Gasparo Luigi Oderico (see above) says of the manuscript: "Copious miniatures are scattered here and there throughout the Codex, men, animals, trees, plants, flowers of all kinds, all in bad taste, as far as I think."

According to a table in Delisle (page 594), the animal section is on folio 35v-40v. It is not known which animals are included, or which are illustrated.

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