British Library, Sloane MS 1975


Produced: England or France, 1175-1200
Current Location: British Library, London, England, UK
Manuscript Type: Herbal
Language: Latin
Folios: 95
Illustrated: Yes
Media: Parchment
Script: Protogothic
Dimensions: Height: 30 cm Width: 20 cm
Folio 80v


Medical and herbal miscellany. Numerous images (over 200) of plants and animals with medicinal properties in bright colors with gold and silver highlights. The animals are generally poorly drawn; without the captions it would be difficult to know what many of them are. This manuscript is very similar to British Library, Harley MS 1585. and is probably copied from that manuscript.

  • Folio 73r–74r: Epistola de bestiola (1 illustration)
  • 74r–93r: Sextus Placitus, De medicina ex animalibus (the uses of animals in medicine)

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