Biblioteca Universitària de Barcelona, MS 82


Produced: 16th century (?)
Location: Biblioteca Universitària de Barcelona (Biblioteca Universiària de Barcelona), Barcelona, Spain
Type: Miscellany
Family: Catalan
Language: Catalan
Illustrated: No


A fragment from the bestiary that appears in the Crónica Universal by Joan de Bur in 1425, although this copy seems to date from the beginning of the 16th century. The bestiary covers f. 88v–90r and is called by Panunzio version G. It is a short, descriptive text with no animal symbology, and it contains the following species:

88va. Elephant (elefant). Tiger (tigris). 89ra. Asabre (Panunzio believes this to be the marten). Cassandre or lloba servera, possibly the jackal, although its description is similar to that of the panther.
89rb. Salamander (salamandra), mole (galipa), chameleon (camalleó) and herring (peix).12 Camel (camel). Indian dragon (drac). Basilisk (basilisk).

[Adapted from Aquatic animals in the Catalan Bestiari, page 127]

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Additional description (page 127)

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