Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig, Cod. gr. 35


Produced: Southern Italy/Athens, 1370-1375
Location: Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany
Type: Miscellany
Language: Greek
Folios: 52
Illustrated: Yes
Illustrator: Manolis
Media: Paper
Dimensions: Height: 20.5 cm Width: 14 cm
Folio 34v


The Greek Physiologus is on folio 25r-41v.

The illustrations rarely depict the attributes or allegory of the beast, and are mostly just generic birds and beasts with little resemblance to the real animal. Unusually, there are illustrations of the water-horse, ant-lion, magnet stone and gorgon.

[Adapted from Manuscripta Mediaevalia description]

Physiologus: Free space for pictures of the described animals and mythical creatures. ... The illustrations are mostly executed in writing ink with simple hatching, sometimes (possibly later) colored brown or black, with occasional red accents. Writer and illustrator worked together (cf. the inscription on f. 27 v ). The illustrator Manolis is explicitly named on ff. 36–37 (or names himself), although the remark that he knew salamanders and deer is probably to be taken ironically. Manolis obviously had no knowledge of zoology. The wild ass has a cat's body and a dog's head with a goatee and long pointed ears; the image is repeated as a representation of the salamander. This suggests that these images were not included in the template.

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