Wormsley Library, MS BM 3747


Produced: England, 1275-1300
Location: Wormsley Library, UK
Type: Bestiary
Family: Second
Language: Latin
Folios: 30
Illustrated: Yes
Media: Vellum
Script: Gothic
Dimensions: Height: 23 cm Width: 17.2 cm


102 unframed illustrations (of which 4 are of half-page and 7 of quarter-page) drawn by one skillful artist. Illustrations executed by a quill in red and dark brown ink, some with added pale yellow wash. Brown contour outlining illustrations is not constant, but consists of short lines. Added red strokes emphasize the details of the clothes and of other textures. - [Dines, A french-modeled English bestiary: Wormsley Library MSBM 3747]

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