British Library, Sloane MS 3544


Produced: England, late 13th Century
Location: British Library, London, England, UK
Type: Bestiary
Family: Second
Language: Latin
Folios: 44
Illustrated: Yes
Media: Parchment
Script: Gothic
Dimensions: Height: 19 cm Width: 13.5 cm
Folio 6v


This is a much more modestly produced Second Family bestiary. Although the text is standard, it contains innumerable errors of transcription, and of the 112 framed miniatures some are eccentric and others display a distinctly comic character... The illustrations employ no gold and are painted in brown, green and red on alternately blue and crimson backgrounds. - [Payne, p.15]

The bestiary is on folios 1r-44r.

Numerous (112) miniatures in brown, green, and red, on alternately blue and red backgrounds. Small initials in red.

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