Museum Meermanno

Hague, Netherlands


Prinsessegracht 30 ;2514 AP Den Haag;Netherlands

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The Museum Meermanno (formerly Museum Meermanno--Westreenianum) came into being when W.J.H. baron van Westreenen van Tiellandt (1783-1848) left his house and his important collection to the state. This collection, incorporating that of his kinsman Johan Meerman (1753-1815), consists of classical antiquities and ancient manuscripts, incunabula and early imprints. The museum, opened to the public in 1852, has since developed into the national museum of the history and the art of the book. It consists of two sections, the collection Van Westreenen and the collection of the Museum van het Boek / Museum of the Book (established in 1960). A research library provides secondary literature reflecting these interests, including books on the history of the book and the book-trade, private presses, book production, history of script and calligraphy, early typography, graphic design, paper, bookdesign and bindings.

Special collections

* Van Westreenen Collection: 340 (illuminated) manuscripts, 1,500 incunabula, and early imprints

* Jhr dr R.M. Radermacher Schorer Collection (bibliophile editions)

* Editions printed by and literature on private presses

* Artists' books

* Ex-libris

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