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"The library had a discontinous life, so it could not conserve its medieval bibliographical patrimony, founded in XVIth century. In the middle of XIX century, Barcelona received, as a result of a general confiscation of religious properties, the legacy of the main libraries of convents of Barcelona. This contributed to the valuable collections in all branches of knowledge. BUB became one of the first libraries of Catalonia and Spain. Its importance is in the number and the wealth of the collections of manuscripts, incunabulums, rare editions of the XVI-XVIII centuries and a rich collection of engravings. The legacy of the convents, after 160 years, has had considerable reductions, by two main reasons: deterioration because of bad conditions of conservation and the despoil suffered by the person in charge at the end of XIX century. To this old part has been added a rich modern bibliographic patrimony in monographs and serials and information in other printed or electronic supports that have transformed the Library of the Universitat of Barcelona into an instrument of the first order for study and research." library web site [edited]

Last update March 13, 2022