Bibliothèque Municipale de Douai

Douai, France


Bibliothèque Municipale de Douai;61, parvis Georges Prêtre BP 20625 - 59506 Douai cedex

Phone: 03 27 97 88 51


The Bibliothèque Municipale De Douai was founded by Louis XV in 1767. It contained the collections of the Jesuits of the College of Anchin and those of the libraries of the University of Douai. It grew with the the revolutionary seizures, mainly those of the Abbeys of Marchiennes, Anchin and Flines (medieval manuscripts and books), and from many gifts and legacies of the 19th century. It contained nearly 115,000 works when it was burnt during the bombardment of August 11, 1944. The library was rebuilt 1955.

Last update March 13, 2022