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Melanges d'archeologie, d'histoire et de littérature - Bestiaire

By Charles Cahier

Melanges d'archeologie, d'histoire et de littérature, rediges ou recueillis, Mme Ve Poussielgue-Rusand, Paris, 1847-1856

About this Text

Charles Cahier (26 February 1807 – 26 February 1882) was a French antiquarian, born Paris. He made his preparatory studies at the College of Saint-Acheul, and entered the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) on September 7, 1824. For some years he taught successively in its colleges at Paris, Brig in the Swiss canton of Valais, at Turin, and at Brugelette in Belgium. The greater part of his life, however, was devoted to the collection, classification, and interpretation of the countless treasures of medieval art surviving in France, Belgium, Germany, and elsewhere in Europe. They interested him not only as relics of its artistic skill, but chiefly as evidences of its Catholic faith.

Cahier's four volume work is about the archeology, literature and art of the middle ages, mostly relating to Christianity and the Church. The text provided here is the sections on the Bestiary extracted from volumes 2, 3 and 4. Included is an introduction to the bestiary genre, transcriptions of texts from French and Latin bestiaries, and Cahier's commentary on those texts.


The print editon was published in 1847-1856. This file is the Bestiary sections of the book, which also contains several other unrelated texts. The book was digitized by Google, and is in the public domain. Only the page images (with OCR text) are included in this file; for other formats see the full digital text.