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The Fabulous Natural History of the Middle Ages

By Thomas Wright

Originally published as part of The Archaeological Album; or, Museum of National Antiquities, pages 174-186, London: Chapman & Hall, 1845

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This short article is a general introduction to natural history in the Middle Ages. It is of interest as an early example of the nineteenth-century scholarship on animals in the Middle Ages; it also has useful information on the unicorn, elephant and mandrake, as well as some images from manuscripts.

This digital edition is not a complete copy of the print edition of Wright's book. Only the chapter titled "The Fabulous Natural History of the Middle Ages" is included this digital edition.


The print editon was published in 1845. This file is "The Fabulous History of the Middle Ages" chapter of the book, which also contains several other unrelated texts. The book was digitized by Google, and is in the public domain. Only the page images are included in this file; for other formats see the full digital text.