Digital Text

Reynard the Fox

By H. A. Guerber

Originally published as Chapter 3 of Legends of the Middle Ages: narrated with special reference to literature and art, American Book Company, New York, 1896

About this Text

This extract from a book of medieval legends and tales is a paraphrase, with some commentary, of the story of Reynard the Fox. It includes two 19th century drawings of episodes in the adventures of Reynard, one by Edwin Wagner, the other by Wilhelm von Kaulbach. The digital edition includes only chapter 3 of Guerber's Legends of the Middle Ages.


The print edition of this text was published in New Yorkin 1896; the digital edition was created from the original in 2003 by David Badke. The original print edition by H. A. (Hélène Adeline) Guerber of 1896 is believed to be in the public domain.