Digital Text

The Bestiary (Eton College Speech)

By Montague Rhodes James

History (The Quarterly Journal of the Historical Association)
New Series Vol. XVI, April, 1931—January, 1932
Issue: No. 61, Vol. XVI, April, 1931, pages 1-11
Macmillan and Co., Limited, London, 1932

About this Text

This article is a general introduction to the genre of the medieval bestiary. It is a transcript of a talk given by M. R. James as the Inaugural Address at the Annual Meeting of the Historical Association, at Chester, delivered on 2 January 1931. The talk was illustrated by many lantern slides, though the illustrations were not published in the article.


The print edition of this text was published in London in 1932; the digital edition was created from the original in 2003 by David Badke. The original print edition by M. R. James (1862-1936) is believed to be in the public domain under Canadian copyright law.