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Animals in English Wood Carving

By George Claridge Druce

The Third Annual Volume of the Walpole Society, 1913-1914, Oxford, 1914, Pages 57-73

About this Text

This article is about medieval wood carving, primarily in churches in England, where the subject of the carving is an animal. Druce explores the relationship between the bestiaries and the carved animals. The article includes 32 black & white images, some of them illustrations from manuscripts, but most of carvings on misericords, bench ends, and other church furniture. The digitized images have been enhanced to bring out what detail they contain; their content has not been edited. They can be viewed at up to 200% of normal size.

Because of the high quality images, the PDF file is very large, about 13.5 megabytes. A text-only edition, without the images, is also available.


The print edition of this text was published in Oxford in 1914; the digital edition was created from the original in 2004 by David Badke. The original print edition by George C. Druce is believed to be in the public domain.

This work is made available under a
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