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More of everything, pretty much. A few new manuscripts (not new as in fresh out of the scriptorium!) A bunch of manuscript updates Some beast updates About 200 more images from manuscripts A pile of new and updated bibliography items Updates to the encyclopedia Updates to the Bestiary Family pages to bring the ordering and […]

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A hasty update

I wasn’t planning a full update quite this soon, but I discovered a problem with the last update (some of the images on the beast pages failed to load). All fixed now. One new feature, which forced me to do a full update: The “hamburger” menu has some extra options to allow you to jump […]

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A mostly manuscript update

This update is mostly about manuscripts. I have corrected a few errors, added some information, and added a lot of images for two manuscripts. I have added content to the following sections: Added images from manuscripts Aberdeen University Library Univ. Lib. MS 24 (Aberdeen Bestiary) – 94 images British Library Sloane MS 278 – 62 […]

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Really big update!

More of a complete rebuild than a simple update. After years of shameful neglect, I have spent the last couple of months redesigning and rebuilding the Medieval Bestiary website. The old site was using outdated web technologies, which made it difficult to update and maintain. I had been putting off the needed work – and […]

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It’s not a large update, though there are a few hundred more images, mostly from the Bodleian Library. There are also more bibliography items, manuscript information, and other miscellaneous stuff. I am aware that some of the image pages don’t display very well. I have started using larger images, and they sometimes break my primitive […]

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Update! is now up to date, if such a phrase is meaningful for a site that deals only with stuff at least 500 years gone. There is a bit more of everything, but mostly pictures – about 300 new ones, some of them spectacular. The best overview of what pictures are here is to be […]

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An update … and statistics!

I updated the Bestiary site today. If you are wondering why I update so infrequently, well… it’s a lot of work! This update is mostly about images, with an addition of about 400 from various sources. I have decided to use whatever images I can get my hands on; previously I was only using public […]

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The wall of beasts

Update January 12, 2022: Cooliris no longer exists, so no more Wall of Beasts. Imagine you are standing in front of a wall. If you look to your left or right, you can see that the wall stretches out far into the hazy distance. On the wall are arranged a series of pictures, all of […]

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The Fabulous Natural History of the Middle Ages

There is a new text available in the Digital Text Library: “The Fabulous Natural History of the Middle Ages” by Thomas Wright. This text was originally published as a chapter in The Archaeological Album; or, Museum of National Antiquities (pages 174-186), London: Chapman & Hall, 1845. The complete book is available on Google Books. This […]

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Jacob and the Mandrakes

A new text is available in the Digital Text Library: Jacob and the Mandrakes by James George Frazer, originally a paper read to and published by the British Academy in 1917. Frazer was a social anthropologist influential in the early stages of the modern studies of mythology and comparative religion, and is most famous for […]

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