This update is all about clearing out the backlog of data I had waiting to be entered in my database. It was a long and tedious task, but my Zotero lists are now nearly empty, for the first time in years. Clearing the backlog added 112 manuscripts, 131 bibliography items and 520 images. In the process I found and fixed several errors and updated a few manuscripts with new information.

I also ran link checkers on the site, which revealed lots of broken links and other problems. Web site owners have a habit of moving or deleting content, which breaks links from other web sites, and sometimes even links within the same web site. Even so-called permalinks, which are supposed be “permanent links” that never change are susceptible to link rot. I fixed as many of the broken links as I could, but in some cases the content I linked to is simply gone, never to be seen again. In such cases I had no choice but to remove the link.

To the people who sent me information and then waited months (or years) to see that information online… Sorry! And thanks. I do appreciate the information and I will get it entered into my database eventually, but sometimes I get overwhelmed and the backlog builds up again. Keep sending in any information, corrections, comments, objections or whatever, but you might have to wait a while to see your contributions on the site.