This is a general update, with something for everyone. I have added a lot of new data this time.

My workshop doesn’t look like this; there is a computer instead of a writing desk.

Images: There are several hundred new and updated images, bringing the total to almost 2200. This batch are all from manuscripts, and some are spectacular; see Bodleian Library, MS. Ashmole 1511, for example. Several manuscripts and beasts now have much better images, freshly pillaged from the InterWebs.

Manuscripts: There are a few new manuscript descriptions, and many existing descriptions have been updated with new information. The Bestiary Families section has also been updated, with almost all of the listed manuscripts having links to the manuscript descriptions. There are still a few manuscripts I have not been able to find; if you know anything about any of the manuscripts on the Family pages that do not have links (or any manuscripts I don’t yet list), contact your friendly neighborhood Beastmaster. There is one change to the manuscript index lists: I have removed the Shelfmark list (not all that useful, and you can use the Filtered List to get the same information), and replaced it with a manuscript Type index, where manuscripts are sorted by location and shelfmark, and grouped by type (Bestiary, Encyclopedia, Miscellany, and others). See the manuscript Help page for more information.

Beasts: There are a few new beasts, mostly obscure. The big update in Beasts is the addition (in the Sources section) of many excerpts from authors that influenced the bestiaries. These include Aristotle (De animalibus, 4th century BCE), Claudius Aelianus (De Natura Animalium, 2nd century CE), and Saint Ambrose (Hexameron, 5th century BCE). They all had interesting (if sometimes absurd) things to say about animals.

Encyclopedia: There are a few new articles, including those about Aristotle, Claudius Aelianus and Saint Ambrose, with updates to others. If your favorite ancient author is not yet represented, be patient; I will be adding more over the next few months. Or you can contact me to let me know someone is missing.

Bibliography: There are several new entries, and some existing entries now have links to digital resources.

I am trying to do an update once a month, but the May update might be delayed. I do have a life that doesn’t involve bestiaries!