A Greyhound should have "eres in ├że manere of a serpent". Bestiary material in the hunting manuals Livre de chasse and The Master of the Game

James I. McNelis, III

in L. A. J. R. Houwen, ed., Animals and the Symbolic in Mediaeval Art and Literature (Mediaevalia Groningana, 20), Groningen: Egbert Forsten, 1997, 67-76

Examines the intermingling of references to real and mythical beasts, and argues against a genre separation between bestiaries and hunting manuals. Notes on the Master of Game and genre conventions; its relationship to the bestiary; also compared to Gaston Phebus, Livre de chasse. Influence on Edward of Norwich, 2nd Duke of York.

Language: English

ISBN: 90-6980-097-7


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